TOZO Q1012 X8tw Drone

TOZO Q1012 X8tw Drone

TOZO Q1012 X8tw Drone RC Quadcopter 

Thanks to the modern technology. Flying drone is a fun and a special trend in the present time and it has become possible for the advanced technology. As a result, the use of the best drones under 100 is on the rise. They come with some specific features that help the users to get some different experience. Besides, the applications of the drones are also diversified. They are used in different sectors and most importantly they can reach places where humans are unable. The flying mode brings the best benefits for the users. Moreover, the drones look wonderful when they fly in the sky. And this is the other important part the people enjoy most.

In line with the flying, the drones are capable to do many other tasks. Photography is one of the other impressive tasks that a drone can perform. A large number of drone manufactures make the drones with cameras. Some of the cameras come with a higher resolution that makes the photography easier. Using the drone cameras, people are undergoing a wide number of tasks. They can sue the drone for surveillance, for completing a survey, taking care of construction works and more. Thus, the importance of drones is increasing day by day. You cannot deny the importance of the drones. The drone racing is a popular form of sport that entertains all types of people.

But getting a drone is not as easy as it sounds. You have to know details about the drone and then have to come to a decision. It takes a lot of time and reading different reviews to know about the drones. But this particular piece of the article also contains some useful information for the readers that will help them to know about the drones, their features, and use.

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Usual Features of Drones

Why are drones gaining so much fame? Yes, this is a great question indeed. There are a wide number of reasons for the drones to be popular. They are available everywhere, they come with a striking look, they can take part in competitions and much more reasons could be cited behind their popularity. In line with such issues, there are some other key points available that the potential drone users should know about. Here are they.


There are several types of drones are available. But the usual drones are categorized into three basic categories – for the beginner, for the intermediates, and for the experts. Besides, there are some other professional drones also available but they are not for the public use. They are used by the law enforcing agencies for different purposes. And those drones are completely different. They do not perform like the toy quadcopters. They have more functionality and even can fly for hours at a stretch. The other consumer drones do not contain such features and they are also not allowed to use such specific drones. The drones which are for the beginners, come with some basic drone features. But the drones for the experts contain some more features that make the drones preferable to the expert. Besides, there are some other types of drones which come with a combined feature that all types of users could fly them.


The application of camera in a drone has made it more attractive. In fact, without the drone camera, the drones will have less appeal to the experts. For instance, if you are a photographer you need to have the best quality camera. But if you do not have the camera with the drone, it would not be possible for you to get the desired images you want. On the other side, the drone camera resolutions are higher than the average mobile cameras. Since the drones take an image from a moderate height (for instance – above 30 meters from the ground), the camera resolution needs to be good. Without a higher resolution, this is not possible for the drones to click the clear images for the users. Thereby, the drone manufacturers have focused on the issue and accordingly adding some modern cameras with the drone. This is a great advantage of the drone users that they are getting the top quality cameras within a reasonable price

Strong Motors

The motors used in the drones are strong and durable. In fact, unless the motors are strong, the drones cannot fly to a certain height. To take the drone to an altitude, the motors need to work continuously. So, they should be stronger than any of the usual motors. The drone manufacturers have taken care of the issue rightly. They do not add any motor that can bring their reputation down to the users. Besides, some of the motors of the drones make some higher noise while some other motors are able to remain silent during the flight. The motors which come without brushes do not make any noise. But the motors that contain the brushes create some noise that may irritate people. So, it would be better for the drones users to know about the drone motors either they come with the brush or not.

Video Record

The drones that come with the camera can record videos. But there are some issues with the recording. Some of the drones are able to record the videos on the memory card installed with them. The other modern drones are able to send the videos directly to your mobile phone. The drones which use WiFi are able to send the video clips directly to the mobile phone while the drones that use the transmitter for flight control cannot usually do. The manufacturers are aware of the issues and thus they have reached into a solution about this. Now, most of the drones are able to send the footages directly to the mobile as they come with the app control system. The users do not need to worry about the stability of the footage.

Easy Charging

Now the majority of the drones come with an easy charging method. You can now charge the drones following some easy and comfortable methods. Earlier, the users had to follow some strategic ways to charge the drone batteries. You just need to pace the batteries on the charger and plug the charger on. The batteries will be charged. But the battery charging time depends on the types of drones. When the batteries are made with lithium they get a quick charge.

Flight Duration

The usual flight duration of the drones is around seven to eight minutes. The flight time is not fixed for all the drones. You might have some different experiences as well. The beginners’ drone lasts a bit longer as they come with some basic functionalities. But the drones made for the experts are not like the beginners’. They last a bit less as the drones have to perform more and they apply some other features. But the drones that are used for military purposes or for commercial uses, they have some different flight duration. They can fly for long hours and do not need any break in the middle of the flight. The manufacturer takes the right care of the drones considering the use.


The navigation of the drones is easier now. Earlier, the drone operation was a bit difficult and the beginners were the key sufferers. They were unable to navigate the drone effectively due to the complicated operating system. But with the passage of time, the drone navigation has been made simple. The drones are now able to be operated in two ways – using the remote control and using the mobile app. The old-fashioned people find the transmitter (remote control) as the best way to control the drone. On the other side, the youngsters are in the opposite view. They find it interesting to fly a drone with the Smartphone app. Regardless the operating systems followed for drone flying, the operation is really an easier one now. Even a baby is able to fly a drone if you can show it the ways.


Now the drones come with repairing facilities. In fact, none of the users can claim that they can fly the drone rightly. The drones will crash, get damaged or may fall into trouble. In those cases, you will need to repair the drone. The earlier drones came without this facility. Everything has changed. The technology used to manufacture the drones has also been improved. The manufacturers are now applying the technology to produce the drone so that the drones could be used for the optimum level. When you repair the drones, you can use the drones like the previous times you did with the new drone. But you need to follow some precautions. The accessories that you will add with the drone should be up to the mark. When you will add the below standard accessories, the performance level will certainly fall.


Well, this is a prominent issue that every drone user takes care of. The drones are available in the different budget range. You need to set your budget and get the right piece. But before you get the drone, you need to consider some issues. The drone should come within your budget and at the same time, the drone should also contain the necessary features you are looking for. It would be foolish if you negotiate with the budget and do not get the features. As a result, your drone flying experience will be not up to the mark. So, you have to seek a drone that fits your budget and brings all the necessary features you are looking for. Besides, you also need to check that you are not overspending for the features.


The drone range varies based on the drone types and qualities. The usual drone range is around 50 meters. But you can also get some drones having a range of around 100 meters as well. There are some other drones which have only 15 – 30 meters of range. They are not able to demonstrate some good performance. Those drones are able to fly in indoor spaces only. The drones which have over 50 meters of the range are made for outside applications.

Shapes and Sizes

You will wonder to know that the drones are available in different shapes and sizes. The shapes and sizes play important role in the overall performance of the drones. When the sizes are smaller, the drones are able to fly longer in the sky. If the drones are larger in size, they are also able to stay longer in the sky but needs certain other features. They need stronger batteries for the reasons. Generally, the bigger drones can fly up to 30 minutes as the manufacturers have modified them according to the needs.


This is the other feature that each of the users should have a look before they decide to buy a drone. Basically, drones have different types of applications and bearing in mind about the usages, the drone manufacturers produce different types of drones. Keep in mind that all the drones are not similar. Their performance and features would not be the same all the time. The drones which are made for industrial use will never be the ones used for racing. On the other side, the drones which are made for photography cannot be used for long-time surveillance. They will not also fly for half an hour. Hence, if you decide to get a drone, select the application in prior and then get the right piece.

Readiness to fly

Each of the drones has their own features that make them unique or preferable. There are some drones which you cannot fly instantly. They need some pre-flight checks and other issues. But most of the manufacturers produce drones which are able to fly instantly right after unpacking. You just need to assemble some of the parts. Such drones are preferable to the drone users as they save your valuable time. In fact, assembling is not that much hard as like the pre-flight checking is. So, you should look for the drones which are ready to fly. Such drones are also known as RTF (Ready To Fly) drones.

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Why is TOZO Q1012 X the best drone under 100?

So far, you have gained some insights about the drones. Now go through the discussion why people consider this TOZO Q1012 X as one of the best drones at a cheaper rate. There are several points backing the drone for its increasing popularity among the drone users.

Improved Control

This particular drone comes with some advanced control options. The other drones usually are operated with the transmitter. But you will have a different experience here. The drone is able to run with the Smartphone app too. It refers that the drone will be under the control of your mobile phone. You can easily control the drone flight and navigate using the apps. And the entire process is very simple. Some of the drone applications might appear a bit complex but once you are used to with them, you will not prefer the transmitter anymore to operate the drone. Photography is easier too with an app. In fact, all the necessary elements to run the drone are on your mobile now.

Live Video Streaming

Now waiting moments are gone. The days are over when the drone users used to take back the SD card to get the photos or videos from the drone. Now you can do that life. Using the app, you can directly stream the videos. You can also the photos on your mobile phone. This is really a great advantage of this drone. The manufacturer has brought this change taking into consideration of the hassles that the users underwent in past days. The drone is smart now and you are entitled to enjoy the benefits. The 720p HD camera has a wonderful resolution that will amaze you.

Altitude Holding

Majority of the drones are unable to secure the altitude they are in. And it happens for several reasons. First of all the drones are unable to hold the altitude because they cannot survive the high wind. This is the prime reason why the drones slip from the high altitude and as a result, the photos become noisy. This particular drone is special as it is engineered to hold the altitude. Unless there is a heavy wind or any technical malfunctions, the drone is able to stay in the altitude that the drone user wants. Therefore, this would be a great piece for you.


The drone users suffer in lack of security. This is a common syndrome among them and this happens because they cannot control the drones sometimes. The drones crash and get seriously damaged. The users need to add some accessories and at some points, they are to change the drone. This particular product comes with a headless mode that ensures the security. You are now free of worries about the navigation. The headless mode will ensure the security of the drone and there are no chances that you will lose the drone or get it damaged somehow. The drone will always face at you. This is an important feature for the beginners as well.

Easy Folding

The drone has another striking feature. You can fold the drone for its outstanding design. In fact, this folding feature has made the drone more attractive to the users. The folding feature saves space and so, carrying the drone is easier to anywhere. If you want to take the drone with you at your college, or to show your friends, you can take it with you without facing any serious troubles. Earlier, the drone users had to face some problems. Since the drones were not foldable, they were unable to carry the drones with them fearing damages. And in reality, the damages took place too. There are no such issues with this particular drone. You are free to take the toy with you at anywhere you go.

Suits Different types of Users

No matter if you are an expert drone pilot or a novice, you can control the drone as per your will. The manufacturer has designed the drone in a suitable manner that it fits all the users. The speed and control of the drone are easier than that of the other ordinary drones. You can fly the drone in places you want and will have no trouble at all. If you are an expert user, you will get the optimum speed. And if you are a beginner, no worries! The drone will allow you to fly at a lower speed. As a result, your drone flying experience will be enriched and gradually you will be an expert in this case.

Night flights

Many of the drones are unable to fly at night hours. It happens as the drones do not have any LED lights that will guide the users to fly the drones. Lucky you are! This particular drone comes with bright LED lights. The lights help the users to know about the exact position even in the darkest hours of the night. The experts enjoy the night flights due to its thrilling mode. In fact, when the drone LED lights are on, they look far better than when they are on the flight in day times. You can try this one and will be amazed. Guaranteed.

Competitive Price

The price of this TOZO Q1012 is competitive comparing the design and features. In fact, the drone is the combination of some of the special designs available in the other drones. But the price is reasonable and you can easily get it. Besides, the performance that you will get is more than this price. This is really an economic drone that will serve several purposes. You will get the enjoyment of drone flying and at the same time, you will have the industry best camera for your other purpose. But you are paying a single price for everything. This is really a great matter to bear in mind that the manufacturer has added so many features at a reasonable price.



  • Fits pocket: the drone comes with a foldable design and thus it easily fits in your pocket. You can carry it anywhere.
  • Stability: the drone is able to fly at a moderate altitude defeating the wind.
  • 8-min flight: this TOZO Q1012 is able to fly up to eight minutes at a stretch. The other ordinary drones have less than eight-minute flights.
  • Less charging time: Usually the drones take over 100 minutes to get a full charge but this one takes around 80 minutes to be charged completely.
  • Fun to fly: the drone is tailored for all types of users. So, this is fun for everyone to fly the drone.
  • Onboard camera: the camera of the drone is attached to the drone. This is a great feature that the other usual drones do not have with them.
  • Easy control: you are free to control the drone in both ways- either using the app or using the transmitter.
  • Wide range: the drone has a range of around 100 meters. This is really an amazing advantage for a drone with this lower price.
  • Lightweight: the drone is very light in weight. It weighs around 1.4 pounds.



  • The malfunction with the controller: when the drone goes a little far crossing the range, it becomes hard to communicate with the toy.
  • Cheap plastic: the body of the drone is made with cheap plastic which causes dissatisfaction among users.

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Final Verdict

You should keep in mind that this is one the best drones under 100 but this is not an industrial or professional drone. Hereby, the performance of the drone might be different. But the features that the drone owns are really adorable. This drone is small enough to get a berth in your hip pocket and you can carry it all the times. The control of the drone is easier while you can reach the customer service at any convenient time to know more about the drone or about its operations.  If you are looking for a toy drone that will get some quality pictures, this one is the best one for you. The price is reasonable and it will provide you a great fun.

Besides, this is a drone that is engineered for different types of users together. This would not be a problem at all if you do not a single minute experience of flying a drone. You will know all the techniques within a short time for the simple operating system. In fact, you will fall in love with the drone one you discover the features and how amazing they are. Your family and friends will adore it too if you can demonstrate the features perfectly.

Happy drone flight!!

Getting the best drones under 100 is really tough as all the manufacturers are not producing such drones. But this small TOZO Q1012 X unmanned aircraft is an exception. You will get some outstanding features and they are charming indeed. The drone is able to serve several purposes together and able to entertain you and your surroundings.

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