Aicok Single Serve Smoothie Blender

Aicok Single Serve Smoothie Blender

Review on Aicok Smoothie Personal Blender

When you see cooking TV shows, doesn’t it feel great when you see a good looking blender creating just about the perfect mixture for a smoothie or chocolate mousse? We can relate to that feeling and hence selected a great blender that comes off as not just a good looking kitchen appliance but also something very useful for your everyday cooking. The blender we are talking about is Aicok Smoothie Personal Blender. Yes, the blender is specialized for making single served smoothies but its functionality is much more than that. This article will provide you with an honest review of the good and bad aspects of Aicok Smoothie Personal Blender.

We understand how important it is to find the right type of appliance for your kitchen and also something that suits your budget. Aicok Smoothie Personal Blender might be one of those combinations that you are looking for; a blender that has great features with an affordable price range. Let’s look into specific details about the product.

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Product Overview

Aicok Smoothie personal blender distinguishes itself from others through its two distinctive features; its focus on the food taste and LED smart one-touch programs.

Innovative technology usage

The blender comes with a LED smart one-touch button. Once you press the button, the intelligent programs pre-set within the blender will control the pulse timing, blend or pause according to the ingredient requirement and thus do most of the work on your part. From your end, all you need to do is put in the ingredients and press the button and then wait for the blender to perform the rest of the job for you.

High focus on taste

The blender is built in a way so that you don’t have to compromise with the quality of your food items. With the smart technology, it makes sure that the pulp or blending goes smooth and you have the smoothies just the way you like it. The motor power, speed and high-quality blades combined will give you a great texture of smoothies by pulverizing whole fruits and vegetables within seconds. The containers are BPA free meaning you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals getting in between your perfect textured smoothies.

Key Features

We would focus here on some of the best features of this blender.

The container

The blender pitcher is made keeping a lot of safety standards in mind so that you don’t have to worry about using them while preparing baby food even. The container is made up of Tritan materials and is BPA free. Since its BPA free, you have to worry less about health concerns. Next, the containers are temperature resistant. That is, they are able to prepare food within the temperature range -68F to 228F. This big spread in the temperature means you can easily prepare smoothies or shakes both hot and cold as per your convenience. The containers are environment-friendly and impact resistant. As discussed before, the materials are not harmful to the environment and your health. Impact resistant feature implies that you can drop the container even from 33ft above and the container won’t break. This proves how strong the pitchers are.

The Price

This personal blender is available at a price of $64.77 only at Amazon. If you ask us about the relationship between the price and quality, we would say that it’s a pretty good deal. The features and specifications of the blender are great compared to the price range they are providing.

The Unique selling proposition (USP)

The blender’s USP is its ease of use. The inbuilt mechanism is made such that it’s highly convenient for you to use them. The inbuilt mechanism includes one-touch smart button. This makes the task extremely smooth for you. Aicok smoothie personal blender also has a digital timer so that you can clearly understand when it is the time to stop your blending process. The 6 blade assembly along with powerful motor makes sure that your food is in optimal taste. An added feature is its 2 year’s warranty that clearly gives you an idea about the high longevity of the product.

Key Specifications

So far we have talked about the extra features of the blender. Now we move onto the basic requirements that are must for a good blender. Let us see whether the discussed specifications are right or wrong for you.


The attribute: The size of the blender is small since it’s a personal blender. The blender has two cups of 35oz and 28oz. The cups are lightweight, impact resistant, temperature resistant and BPA free. Both the cups come with spout lids. The features of the cups are absolutely perfect for traveling. You can carry them anywhere with you without having to worry about your food getting rotten. The spout lids will help you not to spill over while carrying the cups in the car or in your bag. You can even drop the containers and it will not break that easily. Also, with its temperature-resistant features, you won’t have to worry about heat or cold will ruin your smoothie taste.

Our verdict: The cups are suitable for single or double serves and easy to carry with you. For someone who needs the blender for personal use only, this could be a great choice for you given the great qualities the container has. But if you need it for family usage when you require at least four to five cups of smoothies or food items at a time, you can find better alternatives than this blender.

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Blender motor power

The attribute: The blender has a high motor power of 1200 watt which is absolutely marvelous power for a blender with this small capacity. It means that your ingredients will be pulverized, ground and crushed into pieces in no time. The blender has such high power engine to manage the high-speed pulse functions and superior quality blades of the blender. In short, the motor power is appropriate for the blender.

Our verdict: If this was a costly blunder, we would have recommended that you choose something different because, for single or double served smoothies, you actually do not require such high power. So paying extra for a high motor power is not going to be worth it. But the price range of this blender is quite affordable and if they can provide high motor power at this price, there’s no harm in taking some extra good features.

Blender capacity

The attribute: The blender has the capacity to intake ingredients suitable to create one or two serves. A tentative measurement of the blender capacity is to take sixty or seventy percent volume of the container. So, for this blender, the capacity is around 28oz for the 35oz container and 22oz for the 28oz container.

Our verdict: For personal usage, this blender has the right capacity. Any blender food item that requires the ingredients within this volume can be made from the blender. However, if you need the bulk quantity of smoothies, soups, sauce etc.  this might not be a right choice for you. For family usage, you will find larger sized blenders than this.


The attribute: You would be surprised to know the high revolving speed of the blender. It has a revolving speed of 24000 to 28000 revolutions per minute. This means that you can have your perfect textured smoothie prepared within seconds. Not to mention the pulse settings and the digital timer associated with the blender that will make the task even faster and convenient for you. The cutting speed is even greater! It is 140,000 per minute. It means your ingredients will be cut, crushed and ground in no time for your fresh smoothie.

Our verdict: We find no reason in not getting this high-speed product at your home. People who have time constraints for preparing food; this is the best possible deal for you. Within minutes you will have your smoothies or food items prepared. For those who have enough time for food preparation, you can opt for this blender, save plenty of time for food preparation and use that time to enjoy, relax or do something that you love. So basically, the blender makes your food preparation phase faster and we don’t see how this can be a bad attribute in any way. Such a high-speed blender at this price range is actually a dream come true for blender users.

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The attribute: The blender has a 6 fin blade assembly. The material of the blend is of superior quality. We have already mentioned about the great cutting speed (140,000/minute) and revolving rate (24000-28000) of the blades. The high motor power, the high speed, and superior quality assembled blades are the perfect combinations for creating the smooth texture and blend of the smoothies in no time. The inbuilt mechanism will take care of the taste, timing and provide you with a tasteful and smooth food item you have been wanting to prepare.

Our verdict: The blades are in perfect alignment with other features of the blender. For busy workers, this blender will ease the task for you. You don’t even have to worry about fine chopping of your food items; the blade assembly will do the work for you along with its high cutting speed.

Counter space

The attribute: The size of the blender is small. The small dimension and medium-sized height of the blender will not take much of your kitchen counter space. So either small or big, the blender will fit right into the kitchen spot. On the other hand, the design of the blender is something you would prefer having in your kitchen. If you compare with other personal blenders, Aicok smoothie personal blender will take more or less of a similar counter space.

Our verdict: This feature is something that you should worry about less. The dimensions are at a flexible quantity. That is, whether your kitchen is small or big, the blender will fit there and the designs are such that it will adjust with your kitchen look. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that this blender might look out of the place in your large counter space. We assure you, it will suit perfectly!

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The attribute: You can create green or organic smoothies, fruit smoothies, frozen drinks, cocktails, fresh juices, milkshakes, protein shakes, salad dressings, dips, sauces and so much more with this blender. The containers are temperature resistant and hence you can put both hot and cold ingredients in the blender. Usually, personal blenders provide the scope for putting in ingredients at room temperatures. But with this blender, you don’t have to worry whether your ingredient is at room temperature or not. You can put in any sort of smoothie ingredients within the temperature range of -68F to 228F.

Our verdict: As a personal smoothie blender, we tell you that it provides versatility in much more ways than it promises. However, with the comparison to other blenders, it provides less versatility in terms of food variety. For instance, for cookie or nut butter we feel that blender fails to provide the right texture. But if you require smoothies only, the blender is ideal for all types of smoothies possible.


The attribute: Personal blenders are quite easy to clean. It takes very little of your time to clean the blenders. For this particular blender, the containers are dishwasher safe and so are all the other removal parts of the blender. So, it shouldn’t take more than five minutes to clean this blender. You can choose to hand clean the blender as well. Even in that case, it will take you a maximum of ten minutes. Just make sure that you wipe the cover of the blender with clean towel or cloth to avoid staining on the blender.

Our verdict: In terms of cleaning, we feel that there’s not much to worry about for you. It takes pretty much the same time as other personal blenders require while cleaning. So, if the other features are alright with you, we feel you should definitely buy this blender.


The attribute: The blender is built in such a way that the operations run smoothly internally. You can easily understand its great operational features through five factors. These are the high motor power, high speed, superior quality assembly blades, one button smart modes and digital timer. The smart one touched programs combine unique time pulsing, blending and pausing patterns for the smoothies to blend just perfectly.

Our verdict: For both old and new users of blenders, the operations are designed in such a way that is easier to understand and operate. You don’t have to worry much on your end. All you need from your side is coming up with innovative recipes and ingredients to try out every day.

Ease of use

The attribute: The blender is designed in such a way that you can create your smoothies just in four simple easy steps. The first step is to add your preferred ingredients. For instance, if you are making a smoothie, add ice, fruits and milk. The blender also has a maximum fill bar which helps you to understand if you have given ingredients beyond the blender capacity. The next step is to tap the safety button and then turn on the blender. Thirdly, you choose your preferred taste and wait for one minute in the digital timer. Finally, you will have your blend ready and you can take out the container, cover it with the sip lids or drink it right away. In case of cleaning the blender, you just have to remove the container and put them in your dishwasher or simply blend with some soap and liquid.

Our verdict: The process is just as easy as it sounds. You can have your smoothie ready within minutes only. The blender actually does seventy percent of the work. All you have to do is select your favorite ingredients and press the correct buttons. Leave the rest on the blender to provide you with the right blend, texture, and taste.


The attribute: the blender comes with a warranty of two years. The customer service takes full responsibility of taking care for any damage of the product within these two years. This means the longevity of the blender is quite high. The containers are designed to be made durable. They are drop tested at 33ft above and are made temperature resistant.

Our verdict: On your side, there is very little to worry about the blender’s durability. This is designed very specifically to make things easier for you. It has easy blending process, easy cleaning process and easy to care and handle the blender so that the product stays intact for a longer period of time.

Tool for comparison

When you are cross-checking or comparing other blenders, a good scheme is to make a list of pros and cons and compare with other available options. For your betterment, we did that job for you in identifying the pros and cons of the product.



  • High motor power
  • High speed in terms of revolutions and cutting
  • Presence of intelligent features in pulse setting, pausing and blending
  • Has digital timer
  • The container is temperature resistant, BPA free and impact resistant
  • Provides the option for portability
  • Simple four-step process to complete blending
  • Containers are highly durable and easy to carry
  • Inbuilt mechanism keeps the food taste intact



  • Less versatility with food diversification
  • Not suitable to make bulk volumes
  • Has limitations in the usage of ingredient quantity

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Final Verdict

For users looking for simply a smoothie blender, this is the best possible blender you can find with such great features at a reasonable price range. It will make your smoothie blending process really fast and convenient. For people looking for more options in terms of quantity and versatility, this blender might not be the ideal choice for you. But you can still get this blender as a smoothie maker and have your favorite protein shakes, smoothies made at home within seconds.

We understand how important it is to find the right type of appliance for your kitchen and also something that suits with your budget. Aicok Smoothie Personal Blender might be one of those combinations that you are looking for; a blender that has great features with an affordable price range.


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