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Shark Navigator Lift-Away por review

Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro Reviews

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Getting a cleaner home is the desire for every human being.  And Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro is one of the most impressive Shark vacuum cleaners that help you to get a nicer home. In fact, when you will use the device for cleaning the dust and debris of your home, you will be highly satisfied. According to the Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro Reviews, this is a great device that cleans the floors within the shortest possible time. And at the same time, you need some comfort. Many of the vacuum cleaners create loud noise while operation. Many of the users find the noises intolerable. There would be no such issues with the device.

Besides, the Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro is able to perform in different settings. You can clean several types of floors and platforms using the device which is not possible for the other ordinary devices. If you need some special service, says the Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro Reviews, you can have this great machine for your home. On the other side, the application of the device is also easier than you can imagine. The devices do not stuck-on debris like the other Shark vacuum cleaners do. The filters are strong and overall, its life expectancy is longer than the other devices. So, this could be a great device that you can have for cleaning your home and have a healthy living.

How to get the best Shark vacuum cleaner?

Often people are in great trouble with the Shark vacuum cleaner issues. They are unable to find the right cleaner for them. They have different types of complaints against the cleaners that they have. In fact, they are unable to get the right types of service from the cleaners they are using. And it happens for several reasons. First of all, they cannot get the exact cleaner which they are in need of. They get some pieces which are actually of no use. Being attracted by the advertisements, they get the cleaners and in the long run, they are in grave trouble.

This issue could be solved by following some specific methods. Knowing about the Shark vacuum cleaners in prior is one of the preconditions of getting the right Best vacuum cleaner. If you have the scope to know about the cleaner, you would be able to take the right decisions and get the perfect product. Besides, when you will know about the cleaner, you would also be able to know if the cleaner is able to deal with your floor type. When everything will be matched, you can have the piece and have a clean and healthy home. On the other side, if you are attracted to the advertisements only, there are chances that you will not have the best product for your home.

out of stock
11 new from $189.95
5 used from $79.99
Last updated on February 24, 2019 2:05 am

Here are some basic features that you should look while you are deciding to have a vacuum cleaner. Here they go.

Mind your floor

Actually, the Shark vacuum cleaners are manufactured considering the floor types. Not all the Shark vacuum cleaners are able to run through all types of floors. And if you want to clean different floors at the same time, you will not get that type of the desired cleaning. In that case, only the right cleaner is able to provide you with the best possible clean home. But which one is the right one? This is an important question that nobody has the exact answer. To some extents, if you know your floor type and match the features with the Shark vacuum cleaner, you can have the right one. But ho0w you would do that?

Well. You need to go through the product description of the cleaner. You know what type of floor you have. It might be a bare floor or wooden floor. Sometimes, you might want to clean your carpets and sofas as well. Most of the product manufacturers describe the product’s cleaning capacity. So, when you will go through the product manual, you would be able to know about the cleaner’s capacity and cleaning type. After reading the descriptions, certainly, you will get some insights that if the cleaner would be able to meet your needs or not. Accordingly, you can take a wise decision.

Need a manual cleaner?

If you are a perfectionist, you are in need of a manual cleaner. In fact, the people who love to be picky are unable to be happy with the automated process. They are happy to clean the areas all by themselves. They do not like the cleaning process of the robotic cleaners. And they allege that the robotic cleaners are unable to provide the right amount of efforts. As they are merely machines, they are unable to clean the spaces as the humans can do. They cannot find the dust and debris and take the decision accordingly to hunt them down.

Therefore, they are in need of a manual cleaner. So, if you are one of them who want to have a perfect cleaning, you can move for the manual cleaners. The manual cleaners are able to provide a good performance indeed. But they take a bit time to complete the entire places as the users need to find out the dust and debris. However, the cleaning is done perfectly once the hunting is done. At the same time, you will get some other preferences as well. The manual vacuum cleaners are more durable than the other types of cleaners.

Robotic cleaners

If you want to have some relief from the home cleaning tasks, you can rely on the robot cleaners. There are wide varieties of robot cleaners available around. You can take any one of them based on your needs. The key benefit of using a robot cleaner is that it can clean a house completely and the users do not need to move after the device. The manufacturers have set an impressive program on the device that it will remove the dust and debris and make the entire house clean. This is a great way to clean the home with an effortless way.

There are some ideas that the robot cleaners are not able to clean the home perfectly. This is not correct for all the extents. There are some nooks in the home where the robot cleaners cannot penetrate its arm. So, you need to clean the passages or spaces manually. However, the robot cleaners are engineered to cross the obstacles. They have sensors inside the device which warns the machine and it accordingly gets away from the obstacles. Besides, you will get some other advantages of the robot devices. They are usually lighter in weight and come with specific warranties. They also have available accessories. So, you do not need to move in places to have the accessories.


The weight of a Shark vacuum cleaner is a great issue to consider. If you do not have any idea about the weight issues, you should get it as fast as you can before getting a vacuum cleaner reviews. In fact, you do not know when you have to carry the cleaner inside your home while you are in operation of cleaning the residence. But if the cleaner is heavier, it would be hard for you to carry the device across your home. And many of the users are reluctant to carry a heavier Shark vacuum cleaner when they are cleaning their houses.

Besides, you will also get some other benefits if you use a lightweight Shark vacuum cleaner. When you are using a lightweight cleaner, you will have the advantage of storing the cleaner at any place of your home. Moreover, they are adorable to some extents. They provide a better service than the other types of Shark vacuum cleaners and you can use them all around your home. People usually have troubles with the heavier cleaner that they cannot use the devices in some of the remotest part of the home like in the corners or under the furniture. But the lightweight Shark vacuum cleaners are able to reach in such parts and can hunt the dust and debris easily.

Battery issues

Most of the Shark vacuum cleaners run on batteries. Besides, some of the cleaners run on electricity while the manufacturers have kept options for the both in some of their products. However, the majority of the users prefer the Shark vacuum cleaners which run on batteries as those are easier to carry in places at home. If you are using a cordless vacuum cleaner, you can move easily. You do not need to seek alternative power sources in all the rooms to plug-in to run the cleaner. In fact, this is really irritating for every user to move with a socket to plug-in before the cleaning operation begins.

So, considering all the aspects, it appears that a Shark vacuum cleaner that runs with battery is most suited for everyone. But you need to be sure that the battery stays longer. There are manufacturers who have some stronger batteries while some other vacuum cleaners come with a low-quality battery. Therefore, it would be irritating if you need to take breaks during the cleaning process. And most of the users lose their interest in the home cleaning process. Thus, they do not get good service from the vacuum cleaners and that result in a bad experience for them which are entirely unwanted. Hence, before you move to have a vacuum cleaner, make sure the battery provides a better backup during the cleaning process.

Bag size

Not all the houses are the same and thus the number of specks of dust and debris will not be the same. As a result, you will need a dust bag or dustbin with the cleaner which would be able to meet your specific needs. But in the present days, there are some vacuum cleaners which come with a smaller dust bag. In fact, such bags are unable to contain the dust available at a moderate home. The manufacturers are producing such bags to increase the beauty of the device. Of course, the smaller bags increase the beauty of the device but in reality, they are of no use to the users at all.

Therefore, the users should check the dust bag before they jump to have a vacuum cleaner. There are some manufacturers who add some old-fashioned dust bags with the devices. Though they look a bit special than the usual bags, they are able to hold a moderate amount of dust and debris. So, no matter what the size of your home is. You can get the freedom of cleaning your house at any time of the day and can store a moderate amount of dust in the bag. Besides, if your house is smaller, you do not need to clean the dust bag every day. After collecting the dust for a couple of days, you can clean the bag at your convenient time.

Accessories availability

Often the users feel the necessity of adding some accessories to their Shark vacuum cleaner. The common issue is that they do not get the accessories all the time. At the same time, they are to move to different places to have the accessories. But they do not get the stuff in time. And even if they get them, they are to pay a higher price than actual. This is really a great problem for everyone indeed. But with the availability of accessories, you can be free of such hassles. Many of the manufacturers add a couple of accessories with the device for the convenient of the users. At the same time, some other manufacturers do not have such options.

The idea would be the best if you select a vacuum cleaner which comes with an easy availability of accessories. In fact, this is really hard to manage accessories in the time when you need them most. And if you cannot manage them, your cleaning process will be hampered. Besides, you also will also have some other benefits as well if you have the accessories. Sometimes, cleaning becomes difficult in some remote parts of the home. And if you have the accessories, you can easily clean those unreachable parts. It will take less time to clean the dust and debris on those parts.

Why Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum, White, and Silver (NV370) is the best?

Almost all the devices manufactured by this brand are the best in different terms. The products are reliable and perform longer than the other usual brands. In fact, the brand is able to bring a comfortable experience to the users. Besides, the product is able to clean various types of floors at a time. So, you are free of worries if the cleaner would be able to clean the home. The device is improved with the latest technology and thus your experience would be different this time. Some of the key features of this product are noted here for the convenience of the readers.

Strong suction

Basically, using the suction technology, a vacuum cleaner works. It sucks all the dust and debris from the floor. And based on the floor variety, the suction capacity differs. When you will have a floor that is made of wood, the suction capacity will be strong. In fact, cleaning from such types of floors require a strong suction capacity. Unless you have a strong suction device, you would not be able to clean the floors properly. At the same time, your activities of cleaning the home will be burdened with some other unnecessary tasks. The best way to get rid of the troubles is to have this product.

The Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro comes with a strong suction capacity. It helps the device to clean the entire floor based on your necessity and finally, you will have an adorable cleaning. Most of the Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro Reviews recommend this product for a large house where you will have a moderate amount of dust and debris. In fact, the more the house is bigger, the more you will have the dust. Cleaning a large amount of dust is not so easy as it appears but you can do that easily with the device you have from this brand.


Majority of the vacuum cleaners do not have this feature. As a result, when the users are there to clean the dust, they cannot have it done. They are affected by allergies. In fact, the dust triggers the allergies. As a result, the users fall sick and are unable to perform their cleaning activities. The best way to prevent the allergy attack is to keep a safe distance with the dust. In reality, it becomes impossible for the users to keep away from the dust when they want to clean their homes. But if they have this Shark product, they are safe from the dust and debris.

The device comes with an Anti-Allergen feature. It refers that you the dust will be in a sealed box where there are no chances of leakage of the dust. No matter how much space you clean or what the amount of the dust is. You will be safe from the leakage and there would be no triggering of allergies. This is really a great feature while most of the manufacturers do not care about the issue at all. They provide dust bags which are not able to prevent the dust leakage. The surrounding environment becomes dusty and thus you are to suffer. But with this particular Shark product, your experience will be the opposite.

Simple application

Sometimes, the users are in deep trouble with the vacuum cleaners. They cannot clean the entire house properly as this device can. The device is flexible and reaches almost all the parts of the house. There are some nooks where the ordinary vacuum cleaners are unable to reach. You would be unable to clean them in the right manner. It happens as the wands of the cleaners are not flexible. As a result, the cleaning process remains incomplete. The dust and debris will be available in the corners of the rooms even after a massive cleaning effort on your part.

But there are no such issues with the cleaner of Shark brand. The manufacturer has taken a great care of the product so that it could reach in all the parts of the house. The Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro is able engineered to reach in places which are not possible for the other types of cleaners. As a result, the product has gained a huge popularity among the users across the world. In fact, reaching the hard-to-reach areas of a home is really important if you want a cleaner house. Many of the houses remain unclean only for those parts and the ordinary cleaners are unable to hunt down the dust and debris from those spots. Therefore, this is really a benefit for the users.

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Five-year warranty

Considering the price range, the manufacturer has provided a five-year warranty on certain conditions. But the other cleaners do not come with the feature. If you are looking for a cleaner that will serve you a long time and provide the best experience every time you use, this is a perfect one for you. The manufacturer has provided the warranty which the other manufacturers do not dare indeed. They know that their products are faulty and may not last as long as this one will. Accordingly, they keep away from providing such a long warranty period as the Shark do.

Actually, as the products are made with the best quality materials and have been tested several times before hitting the market, the manufacturer is able to provide the warranty. So, when you will be looking for the best vacuum cleaner within a reasonable range, this would be the best choice for you. The device will perform better during this warranty period and if you experience any sort of trouble, you will have the necessary service from the manufacturer. But the services will be provided based on certain conditions. If there is any technical glitch found in the device, the manufacturer will repair it with its own cost but if there is any physical damage caused from your end, the manufacturer will not take any liability. The equation is simple.

Swivel steering

Many of the vacuum cleaners come with a fixed steering and it causes immense trouble for the users. They cannot move the device from one place to another. And consequently, the floors remain dirty. So, certainly, you do not want to have a dirty look on your floor. Besides, if you get the other ordinary vacuum cleaners for your home and save some dollars, be confirmed that there is something wrong. The device will not perform better and with the fixed steering, you will have much suffering.

The manufacturer of this brand is well aware of the issues and accordingly has brought changes in the device. The device comes with a smooth swivel steering. As a direct result, your navigation becomes easier while you are in operation. When the navigation issue is mitigated, you can clean all of your rooms, floors, and furniture within a short time. This is really a great advantage of the Shark product. Majority of the Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro Reviews have recommended the product only for this swivel steering feature.



  • Easy to switch between hard floors and carpeting
  • Long cord 25 ft.
  • Light Weight, weight is only 12.5 pounds
  • Large dirt bin capacity
  • It’s affordable
  • Swivel steering easy to maneuver
  • HEPA filtration + Anti-Allergen technology
  • It has the most influential suction and there is no suction loss
  • Transportable lift-away container for easy cleaning of stairs or firm to access areas



  • The design is fussy but not that bad
  • Hose length is short
  • No onboard storage for attachments
  • No light on the front I think it isn’t a big deal

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Last words

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro is a great device for ordinary cleaning. The manufacturer has enabled the device to take responsibility for different types of floors. Besides, many of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro Reviews have admired the product for its specific benefits and performance. The device is able to clean different types of floors and at the same time, it will make the floors look gorgeous. The strong suction capacity of the device is the prime issue that will make the users happy. If you want a great device at a reasonable price and also want a longer service, you can have this device. It would be the best buy for you.

Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro Reviews
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