Philips Norelco Shaver 4500

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/46)

If you want to have some quick shaves, you will have no alternatives of a Philips Norelco Shaver 4500. This is, in fact, one of the best electric shavers that will provide the very best experience you ever had. Men actually prefer the electric shavers for numerous reasons. And the most important thing is that they get a very clean shave with the shavers. At times, this is not possible for the ordinary razors to reach in all the places of the face. As a result, they do not have the perfect shave. But when they apply the electric shavers, they get the face covered properly. Using the electric shavers is also of great fun.

Besides, the electric shavers have some other benefits. They are easily manageable and will get some outstanding benefits with the shavers. The electric shavers are flexible and allow you to complete the shaving within a short time. The variations among the electric shavers will allow you to pick the best one considering your needs and necessities. In fact, not each of the shavers will come with the best experience. You will never feel so good once you are done with the shave. In fact, the manufacturers have long been trying to improve the experience of the shavers and this particular product is able to do that.

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How to select the best electric shaver?

This is often a perplexing issue for many of the electric shaver users. They do not know how to get the right one for them. Sometimes, they get a shaver that does not suit them. Their experience becomes frustrating. Some of the shavers become of no use after a couple of shaving while some others are proved as pieces of junks. There are many examples around. All these happened as the users did not have any prior experience of buying the right electric shaver for them. So, they were trapped in advertisements and had the negative experiences. But if they had the proper idea about the electric shaver, they would have got the best one.

Therefore, here are some primary features of a good electric shaver is pointed which will help the users to know about the shaver and accordingly take the right decision.

Check your budget

Well, this is an embarrassing issue for many of the new electric shaver users. They are unaware of the price range of the electric shavers. In fact, there are different sorts of electric shavers are available around and the price range is dissimilar. The prices vary for several reasons. The topmost reason is their features. They have numerous types of features and not each of the shavers is armed with all the features. Besides, the prices differ based on the brand too. The products from certain brands are a bit pricey while the non-branded products are not that moderate in terms of price.

When you will get some shavers in a cheaper rate, you should know that shaver is not up to the mark. There are some issues with the shaver. In fact, you have to set a smart amount of budget to get an electric shaver. As they are durable and have different features, they are moderately pricey. So, if you do not have any idea about the price of an electric shaver, you have to get some ideas in prior you go shopping. In fact, you do not want to feel embarrassed at the shop while you are on shopping.

Type of shaver

Across the world, there are now two basic types of electric shavers are available. One of them is rotary and the other one is foil. They work almost in the same but the categories are different. And there are some special benefits of the shavers. Based on the skin type, people select the shaver. The rotary shaver is able to work on almost all types of skin. The blades rotate in a form and cut the hairs. This is the basic feature of this shaver. Since it comes into a close contact with the skin, it is able to clear the hairs perfectly. At the same time, there are some improved shavers which can have a cooling effect as well.

On the other side, the foil shaver is a bit different in nature. It comes with a foil that prevents the blades to come into a close contact with the skin. People with a sensitive skin mostly prefer the foil shavers. Therefore, this is imperative to know about the skin type before you select the shaver for you. If you do not have the idea about your skin and get the wrong shaver, there are chances that you will get some skin damages. And your experience with the shaver will be frustrating indeed.

Shaver Cord

You will be surprised that the electric shavers are available in both corded and cordless features. Both the features have their different specialties. In fact, you will realize the necessities of the shavers when you are in certain situations. For instance, when you are in a rush, you need a cordless shaver. You need to attend a meeting and get a clean shave- the cordless shaver will support you to the best. You will get a clean and smooth shave instantly whenever you want and wherever you are. So, the benefits of cordless shavers are really lovable to many of the users.

Simultaneously, when you are at home, the corded shaver will be of great use. You can plug-in the shaver and get the shaving. In fact, both the types have different charms while you use them. Some of the users term the corded shavers as beneficial as a bit trouble free. They do not need to charge the battery for the shaving. The views are quite opposite for the others who use the cordless one. But you need to decide which one you prefer considering your needs. Keep in mind that the comfort is the key issue that everyone should prefer first.

Dry Shaving

This is one of the best features of the electric shavers. The dry shaving is preferable to many of the people. When you are in dry shaving mode, you do not need to apply leather to your face. Some of the people might have the idea that dry shaving might hurt the skin. But this is not the right point to consider. You do not need to worry about the issue. The dry shaving is completely free of such issues. When you will have a dry shaving you feel cool and thrilling. In fact, the improved technology has added some advantages when you shave dry.

But you can also add some leather or gel for the shave with the dry shaver. Actually, adding some gels will help you to get another different experience. You can get another smooth feeling when you will do that. But it takes a bit more time for the users to arrange for everything. As a result, they skip the process.

Wet Shave

Wondering how a wet shave could be? Well. It might make you feel wonder how a wet shave could be. Wet shave refers to shave under the shower. Some of the electric shavers will allow you to shave under the shower and you will have it smoothly. There might be questions about the shave under the shower as this is an electric device. But no worries! The technology has advanced to a great extent. The manufacturers have applied the improved technology in the electric shavers. As a result, they have become waterproof. You will get the finest experience of your life. There are no chances of getting electrified.

Besides, people who are in always in a hurry usually prefer the wet shavers. It saves their times. When you are shaving under the shower, you are basically performing two tasks together. You are taking the shower and by the same time, you are shaving your face. This is a great way to make the start of a big day.

Quick charging

Some of the electric shavers have the feature of quick charge. They are able to get charged in a very short time. In fact, some of the shavers are able to get a complete charge within around 60 minutes. But there are some other shavers also available which take a long time to get charged. When you are planning to get an electric shaver, you need to read the features properly and find out about the charging issue. In fact, less charging time helps to make you free from further charging. Once you get a complete charge, you would be able to use the shaver for around a week or more depending on the battery and on the brand.

On the other side, the quick charging feature of the electric shavers also helps the users to remain free of worries. You can plug-in the charger at your convenient time and spend the rest of the time by performing the other tasks. Besides, the manufacturers have made some other electric chargers that are able to serve you in emergencies. You can get an emergency charge of five minutes too. This is really a loveable feature of the electric shavers and you certainly will fall in love with it.


Well, this is an arguable issue indeed. But you know something- a brand is always a brand. You cannot have the features from the ordinary products. In fact, brands have something special that the other products cannot provide. A brand is the source of reliability that you will not get in anywhere else. The brand has some values too. The manufacturers who have turned in to the largest brands are reliable in every term. Therefore, when you are purchasing a brand product, you will feel a sense of satisfaction in your mind.

Further, the manufacturers always try to sell the top quality products so that they can have the client satisfaction. It also helps to uphold their reputation while the usual manufacturers do not have such obligations. As a result, they produce some lower quality products which create some unwanted situations after the use. When you are planning to have an electric shaver, you have to move for some brands. It will really help you to get the top quality product.

Trimming option

If you are looking for a standard electric shaver for ordinary use, you should look for some other options too. Usually, the standard electric shavers come with a trimmer. The trimmer helps the users to remove the long hairs. Often there are some sideburns are also available in the face. And there are no exact reasons for the burning. The trimmers help to shape up the sideburns. So, when there are no trimmers with the electric shaver, it points out that you are deprived of the features. If you had looked over the issue carefully, you could have got some extra advantages.


The guarantee is not just about the physical guarantee of the product; it is also about some other issues. The manufacturer might provide a guarantee of one year for the product. And you find some faults in the product after a couple of use. So, you went to the shop to change it but could not as it is not covered by the guarantee. This would a bad experience indeed. There are some other manufacturers who also provide some money-back guarantee. You need to check all the things before you make the purchase. In fact, it should not happen that you are getting cheated by the manufacturers.

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Why this Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 is preferable?

Philips is one of the leading manufacturers of different consuming products. And at the same time, the products are more durable and serving people across the world. There are few allegations against the brand of manufacturing cheap quality products or for charging excessive price. The products of this brand are made with high-quality materials so that the users could use the products for a longer time. Besides, the brand has some special features too. In fact, due to the reliability and features, the brand has become a leading one. People now rely on this brand for many reasons. And accordingly, the Norelco Shaver 4500 is one of them.

This particular electric shaver is preferable for so many reasons. The topmost reason is that it belongs to a brand that is renowned in all over the world. Besides, the shaver from this brand is also durable and makes the users feel great.

Some of the key features that have made this brand as the best ones are noted below.

Powerful shaver

The manufacturer boasts the powerful motor of this electric shaver. The shaver is enabled to perform the shaving in a smooth manner. If you get this shaver, your entire experience will get a change. No other shaver is able to perform as smoothly as it can. In fact, the powerful shaver is manufactured for providing the best experience to the users. The shaver is able to provide a notable number of services to the users and at the same time, they will feel thrilling each of the time. Shaving is an art form and this particular device will show you how to be an artist even if you do not have any prior experience of shaving with an electric shaver.

This powerful shaver is also able to make some differences than the other ordinary shavers. In fact, the strong motor inside helps to make the job easier for the users. You will not need to worry about any other things when you are using this particular product. At the same time, you will get a smoother shave.

Wet and dry features

As it is said before that the electric shavers have some categories. You can use the shavers in dry and wet situations. Not all the shavers are able to provide you the best experience and they are not also able to serve simultaneously. Here is the difference. You are getting both the features at the same time with this shaver. The shaver is able to shave in dry conditions. You do not need to add any gel or leather for the shave. At the same time, it takes a less time to complete the shaving.

Interestingly, the shaver is also able to perform at the same pace in wet conditions. The manufacturer has made the shaver with waterproof features. As a result, you would be able to apply the shaver even when you are taking a shower. It will perform in the same manner as it does in dry condition. You would be glad to know that the shaver is able to perform at the same pace. The shaving would be nice indeed. And as you can apply the shaver during the shower, it saves your time.

Fits your face

There are some electric shavers which are hard to fit into faces. You cannot apply the shaver across your face. You miss some of the parts. As a result, the shave remains incomplete. Your look gets ugly when you have an incomplete shave. But you will never have such experience with this particular Philips product. The shaver is made with the finest technology and comes with an ergonomic design. The design helps the users to cover the entire face. As a result, you get a clean shave. And at the same time, the shaver will cover all the places on your face which are really loveable.

In fact, your experience will change to the ultimate extent. The shaver is able to cover even the contour lines. If you get hairs in those areas, the shaver is able to clean the areas. It will help you to have the cleanest shave ever you had in life. Most of the electric shavers are unable to fit in the face which creates a sense of irritation among the users. Hence if you are struggling with your current electric shaver, you can try this. Your experience will change.

Pop-up trimmer

This is, in fact, a surprise for the users. Most of the cases, the trimmer are not attached with the electric shavers. This causes some troubles for the users. But when you will get a pop-up trimmer with the shaver, really you will be surprised. This particular Philips product comes with a pop-up trimmer that will make the job easier for you. When you want to remove the mustache or trim the sideburns, this is not possible for the shaver. In fact, the task becomes hard for the shaver to complete. The shaver will do the job certainly but you might not feel comfortable at all in this process.

But when you will apply the trimmer, the tasks become easier. You can do that easily. You do not need to take any external supports from any tool to remove the mustache. This would be really interesting for you if you can do the shave completely in a single seating.

Emergency charging

The innovative feature of quick charging allows the users to get a complete shave instantly. It may happen that you forget to charge the shaver and in the morning you find the shaver is out of battery. Shaving at that moment is really hard if you have to wait for around over an hour to get the shaver charged. You can easily avoid such experience if you have the Norelco Shaver 4500. The shaver is able to get an emergency charge within three minutes. You do not need to wait for an hour. You would be able to meet your needs instantly.

But most of the ordinary electric shavers are unable to provide this advantage. In fact, after completing a full charge, you would be able to shave. And if you remove the charger in the middle of the charge, there might be some technical glitches that will reduce the life expectancy of the shaver. Therefore, this is really a great feature for this product. It will support you in the emergency


The manufacturer has provided a warranty of two years for this product. In fact, this warranty is for a larger period than the other types of electric shavers. The most of the manufacturers provide the warranty for about 12 months. And as a result, one the warranty period is over, the users are worried. If the shaver gets damaged or malfunctions, they would not be able to use the product properly. And by the same time, there should be no replacements of the product as well. Considering all the matters, the manufacturer has covered the product with a two-year warranty. This is really a great news for everyone who love to shave with the electric shaver.

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Lengthy shaving period

This Philips product is able to provide a lengthy shaving period. Usually, the other ordinary electric shavers are able to provide around 40 to 45 minutes shaving. But the improved technology used here is really lovable. You will get around 50 minutes of shaving with the product. You just will need to charge the shaver for an hour. After completing the charge, you will have the 50 minutes using capacity that will cover an entire week for you. In some other senses, this is really a time-saving product for the users.



  • Fast shaving: the product is manufactured in a way that it will complete the shaving in a fast manner.
  • Dual Precision: due to this feature, the shaver is able to cut long hairs as well.
  • Convenient dry shave: there is an AquaTec seal which makes the dry shaving system comfortable for the users.
  • Easy cleaning: the shaver comes with an easy cleaning option. You can clean the shaver even with water. The attractive design has made it possible.
  • LED lights: there is an LED indicator at the body of the shaver. You will come to know about the battery condition and plan accordingly to charge the shaver.



  • Cordless inconvenient: many of the users have found the cordless one is inconvenient and so they prefer the corded one.
  • For younger only: the shaver fits perfect to the younger people only. This is not the right match for elder people.
  • Flawed design: the design of this shaver is a bit flawed and people face troubles while using the power connection.

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Final Verdict

An electric shaver is a great piece of electronic device in this present context. The product is able to make the face looking a nice one. Besides, you also will get some extra advantages as well with this particular Philips Norelco Shaver 4500. Your overall experience will get a boost. If you had some poor experience before, you will taste something new this time with this shaver. The price of the product is also reasonable while you are getting the warranty for two years with this piece. This is really a fun for you. At the same time, you will have some additional features in your grip. All the things will make the matter more enjoyable and you will get a comfortable shave at the beginning of the day.

Meta: Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 is a gem for the electric shaver users. The shaver is able to render a very fast shaving. You will get emergency charging feature and the LED panel will inform you about the battery status. This shaver is durable and provides comfortable shaving to users.


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