Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100

Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100

Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100

Earlier, shaving was not a fun for the males of the society. But with the application of Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100, it really became a fun. In fact, each of the males who use the shaver is highly satisfied with the performance. Now the days of manual activities are gone. Everything has becoming atomized and in line with the other things, shaving is also on the race. The invention of electric shavers is really of great use for the people. They are now replacing the manual razors for shaving. As a matter of fact, the manual shaving has become old-fashioned in the present context. This is a time-consuming issue and people lack time in the present days. Time is money and they want to save their money from unnecessary wastage.

Besides, the application of an electric shaver is beneficial in different aspects. You do not need to worry about the cleaning of the shaver head or about the leather you use for the shaver. In fact, the electric shaver is applicable on your face directly. You will need to use shaving cream or gel as you do with the manual shaving process. The razor head is also secured and safe. Sometimes, you might get some minor cuts on the face with the manual razors but there are no such chances. You will get a smoother shave within a short time.

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How to get the right electric shaver?

Well, this is truly a considerable issue. Sometimes, people get an electric shaver and unable to use it rightly. They do not get the optimum benefits of the shavers and accordingly blame the shavers for the poor performance. They also tend to blame the manufacturer. But if they had the idea about selecting the right one for them, they would not have started the blame game. Knowing about the features of an electric shaver in prior is the best way to get the perfect shaver for regular use. On the other side, there are some manufacturers who produce some poor quality shavers. So, if you are aware of the shavers, you can easily identify the loopholes and accordingly get the perfect piece for you.

Some key features of an electric shaver are narrowed down here so that you could get some clear concepts about the electric shaver and its functionalities. Make sure you check the features before you make the purchase for your electric shaver. The features are as followed:


Shaving has different categories. Some of the people love to shave every day. In fact, they want their face should look clean every day. Accordingly, they shave every morning. Besides, there are some other people who do not shave every day. Rather, they prefer to shave once or twice in a week. So, this is the basic category of the shavers. And you need to identify in which category you belong. Are you a daily shaver or you prefer to shaving occasionally? Of course, there are some reasons for asking the question. When you will shave regularly (if refers in every morning), you need to get the foil shavers.

And, if you shave once or twice in a week, the rotary shaver will be the right one for you. There are some technical issues in this case. When you need to shave every day, there are chances that you will get some skin irritations for the blades. When there is a foil shaver, the blade is not coming into a close contact with your face. You can cut the hairs without any trouble. And when you are using a rotary shaver, your skin comes to a close contact with your face and reaches your contour lines as well for a cleaner shave. Before getting an electric shaver, you need to decide what you actually need.

Power issues

At present, with the advancement of technology, there are three types of electric shavers are available. You can use the shaver with batteries, you can use them with plug-in features and the last one is corded shavers. Each of the shavers has their own benefits and they are applicable to different types of people. Actually, the preferences of people are not the same. You will always get some people who will have some sort of trouble even with the latest electric shaver. The shavers which come with batteries are great to use, but they have some drawbacks too. You might get worried about the charge. The charge may run out at any time.

When you are using the plug-in shaver, you will not have the fear of charge draining unless there is a power cut. You can shave as long as you want with such shavers. But this is a bit troublesome to carry the power cord all the time to plug-in at any power socket. The third one is also irritating to some extent. You are to bear the shaver’s cord always. Sometimes, you might get in trouble with the power cord and replace the cord is also painful. Thereby, people, these days prefer the battery shavers. With an improved technology, the manufacturers are producing shavers that will provide signals before the power runs out. You can take the right step before the power is out.

Dry and Wet feature

This is another impressive feature of the electric shavers. Those who have not used it before might get surprised hearing about this. The features allow the users to shave in different conditions. In fact, you can have a dry shave and a wet shave. To make the matter clearer, you can get a dry shave with the electric shaver. In that case, you do not need to apply leather or any shaving gel on your face. You can complete the shave without the shaving cream on your face. And undoubtedly, the shave will be smoother with the dry shaver feature for all the users.

On the other side, the wet shaver feature is particularly for those who are too much busy. People who cannot manage time to shave, the wet feature is for them. You can shave even under the shower. In fact, you are saving your time. You are taking the bath and by the same time, you are shaving the face. This is really a time-saving approach for everyone who wants to save time and invest it for other productive purposes. And there are no chances of getting electrocuted while shaving using the wet feature. The manufacturer is careful about the issue and thus they have made the shavers waterproof.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning of the electric razors is a considerable issue indeed. Before you make the purchase of an electric razor, you need to check the cleaning options. There are several options for cleaning are available but the most comprehensible one is the charging unit. Besides, the electric shavers are also available in manual cleaning features. You can clean the shaver heads manually and need to focus on this particular task. In fact, the manual cleaning is a bit troublesome for the users. If you do not clean the shaver properly after using, you will face some unwanted troubles in the next use. So, when you are cleaning the shaver manually, you have to clean it perfectly.

On the other side, when you are using the charging station, your worries are gone. You can have the shaver cleaned automatically. And most importantly, the charging will be done at the same time in line with the cleaning process. Therefore, many of the users are in preference of the charging stations. If you do not clean the electric shaver, you might face some negative impacts on your skin. And as the charging station comes with the opportunity to clean the shaver, you can do it easily every time after the shaving is done.

Shave anywhere

It might sound weird that you might shave anywhere you want. But this is true for the electric shavers. They will provide the options to carry the shavers anywhere you want. In fact, this is one of the most impressive features of the electric shavers. Think that you are traveling to a distant place and need to shave. The electric shaver is there for you. You can do the shave instantly even sitting in the car. Besides, you can also shave even sitting at your office desk. This is really a simple issue for the electric shavers.

On the opposite, you need to have some specific items with you before you start the shaving process. You need extra water, leather or gel, aftershave lotions or creams and other necessary items for the manual shaving. Besides, this is almost impossible to carry all the extra items during a travel. You also cannot place them inside your office desk as well. All the things are inconvenient for a modern man like you. Only the electric shavers are able to reduce the issues. Due to the cordless features, you can carry the shavers with you all the time. They are smaller in size and shape and thus bring the flexibility of carrying everywhere.


Generally, the budget for an electric shaver is comparatively more than the other ordinary shavers. But there are some reasons behind the higher price of the shavers. You will get certain features that you will never find in any other places. The electric shavers come with some special features. The manufacturers have added some specific features like faster shaving, dry shaving, wet shaving, cool shaving and much more. All the things have made the electric shaver as the best one for shaving. Most importantly, the electric shavers are also able to provide the best and smoother shave for all the men who need shaves.

Besides, the products are durable and serve the users for a long time. If you break down the price and compare it with the other additional items you needed to shave manually, you will find that an electric shaver is really a great thing for your regular use. In fact, an electric shaver will reduce your costs to some notable extent. You will not need to buy extra items like leather, gel or creams for shaving. Some of the improved shavers are able to provide cooling effects. It also saves your bucks from buying additional aftershave lotions or creams. All the things are beneficial for the users in the long run though the budget might appear a bit higher in the beginning.

Easy to use

This is another impressive feature of an electric shaver. You can apply the shaver on your face even if you do not have the right knowledge of using an electric shaver. In fact, the manufacturer has made the shaver in a manner that anyone can use the shaver comfortably. The designs are really user-friendly and you need less than a minute to get habituated with the shaver. Besides, the shaving performance is also better than the manual shaving. There are fewer chances of accidents and injuries. If you are unskilled with the electric shavers, you can do the shaving properly for the ergonomic design and shavers’ shape and size.

But if you are unskilled with the manual shaving, there are several chances that you might cut your face or injure the finger while changing the blade. Cleaning of the manual razors is also painful. You have to place the razor on water and sometimes need to clean the blade manually. And you know what – if you fail to remove the hairs correctly from the razor, chances cannot be denied that you injure your fingers during the cleaning process. Considering all the issues, the electric shaver is a great relief for the users.

Why is Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100 the best?

The reasons for selecting this Philips product as the best one are many. The shaver is able to perform in a different setting and provides a smoother experience for the users. Besides, this particular electric shaver is manufactured with the latest technology in the industry. As a result, it has gained a huge popularity among the users around the world. The other most important thing about this shaver is that you can have all the modern features of electric shavers in this piece. Considering all the matters, the shaver has become a great one. Some of the key features of this product are noted here to make you aware of it.

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Easy maintenance

While the other ordinary electric shavers will need frequent maintenance, you will not need to spend so much time and money here. You can do it easily. The shaver head is a long lasting one and you need to replace it after a long time (after about a year or more). And it depends on the usage of the shaver. A saying goes that the more you will use the shaver, the more it will serve you. And this is true for this Philips shaver. You will get a better service from the shaver and its maintenance is easier all the way.

Standard charging

The shaver comes with a standard charging back up. Generally, the electric shavers stay up to 40 to 60 minutes depending on the quality of the battery and brand. Sometimes, the charging backup is not the same as it is advertised. It causes frustration among the users. But this particular product from Philips is able to stay up to 40 minutes at a stretch. Besides, the shaver needs less time than the other types of electric shavers. You need to charge for about 60 minutes to complete the charge of this shaver. And with this charge, you will get the 40 minutes of shaving experience.

The other shavers take over 60 minutes to get a complete charge. Some of them take over 60 minutes for charging but cannot provide 30 minutes of shaving time as well. Those are actually not manufactured by any reputed brand. But Philips is really careful about the charging issue. It has engineered the shaver in a manner that you will get the best possible advantage of the shaver. Many of the users are happy with the charging experience of the shaver. You now need not worry while shaving. And if you forget to charge, there is an emergency three-minute charging option is available. You can get the opportunity to have an instant shave with this shaver.

Dry and Wet Shave

Like the other smart and standard electric shavers, you can get both the dry and wet feature. Since the shaver comes with the wet feature, you can have the shave at any time of the day. And at the same time, it will save your time too. Besides, you will not feel any sort of irritation while the wet shave. There are some people who do not feel good when they shave under the shower. They also feel uncomfortable with the wet shave for the shavers’ blades. But the manufacturer is aware of those issues. Therefore, the shaving experience will differ with this particular shaver for all the users.

When you are having a dry shave, you will feel much better. In fact, the dry shave feature will allow you to get the shave at any time of the day. Most importantly, you can shave at anywhere you want. As you are having the dry shave, you do not need to apply any cream or leather on your face. It will provide the same experience and in some cases, the experience will be more enjoyable. With a single price, you are having the experience of both the dry and wet shave. This is really fun for the men who use this particular electric shaver.

LED light

The addition of LED lights with this electric shaver has brought some changes. The shaver is now able to let the users know about the charging status. Earlier, there were not LEDs and often the shavers stopped their operations in the middle of the shaving. This was really a highly irritating issue for the shavers. They fell in trouble while shaving. The issue underwent numerous experiments and the manufacturer of this product has also analyzed the issue with great care and time. As a result, the manufacturer has added the LED lights on this shaver. The LEDs have also brought some change in the looks of the shaver.

The LED indicator allows you to know about the latest status of the battery. If the battery is almost out of the usage, you can get an instant charge for three minutes. And after completing the shave, you can place it for charging. This is really a convenient way to charge the battery of this shaver. At the same time, you would be happy to have the complete shave. Moreover, the low-battery warning is also adorable. You will be notified from a regular interval about the battery condition so that you do not have any trouble in getting the shave.


This is one of the best features of this electric shaver. In fact, if the shaver is not user-friendly, the users of the shaver would not be able to use the shaver for a long time. When you are using an electric shaver, the product needs to be matching with your needs. You do not need to match yourself with the shaver. The manufacturers are there to support you in this case. They have made an ergonomic design with this particular shaver that every user will have a comfortable feeling. The size and shape of the shaver are convenient while the performance is also up to the mark.

The handle of the shaver, the body, and the blades – everything is perfect. Users of the shavers will be able to enjoy all the benefits they have dreamt so far. And the entire experience will be a great one for them considering all the other benefits that the product provides. Actually, shaving has been simplified with some gorgeous features that the other manufacturers are unable to provide with. The shaver has created a transition in the electric shavers’ arena.



  • 2D contour: this feature allows the shaver to cover all the curves of the face to have a clean shave.
  • Cuts longer hair: many of the electric shavers are unable to cut the longer hairs but this one is different of them. It can cut the longer hairs and even the shortest stubble too.
  • Stunning look: though the body of the shaver is made with plastics, it has a great look. In fact, the look is able to make you fall in love with this product.
  • Durable: the shaver comes with a durable feature. All the parts of the shaver last longer than the ordinary electric shaver.
  • Easy cleaning: the cleaning system of the shaver is easier. You just need to place the shaver under the tap and open the tap. Cleaning will be done easily.
  • Skin-friendly: this Philips shaver is friendly to your skin. You do not need to worry about irritation. The manufacturer has taken a great care of the product lest it does not harm your skin.
  • Great as gift: this is not a piece of junk. It comes with some really good features and flexibilities. Thus you can present it to someone you love. Your present will be admired highly.
  • Great as Trimmer: the shaver has a trimmer as well. Now you can trim the sideburns and mustache as well with the same product.
  • Safe to carry: you can easily carry the shaver with you all the time and get the shave as and when needed.
  • Travel pouch; the manufacturer has attached a travel pouch with the shaver that you can use for travelling purposes.



  • Overpriced: the price may appear excessive to many of the users comparing the features and flexibilities.
  • Technical Glitches: there might be some technical errors with the product and may suddenly stop charging.
  • Hard reassembly: the shaver head is hard to reassemble.

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Last words

Philips is one of the leading manufacturers of varieties of consumer products. The brand has been producing a wide number of products and this Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100 is one of them. This is a great electric shaver that comes with a great number of features. The weight of the weight of the shaver is less than the other electric shavers. It guarantees a close shave for the day and you can clean it conveniently.

Besides, the shaver has some optional accessories which are available everywhere and within a reasonable price. Hence, if you are planning to get an electric shaver for your random use, you can try this one. It would be a great use for you. You also could be able to carry the shaver anywhere of the world and can run it by charging as well. Importantly, the look of the shaver is also adorable. You will be in love with the shaver in the first sight. So, get the shaver that will serve you most.

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