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Review On Nutri Ninja Pro BL456

One of the popular blenders at the reasonable price is Nutri Ninja Pro Blender (BL 456). If you are not one of the users, we are sure you would be curious to know about its hype. To be honest, the blender surely has great features that make it so lucrative to the customers. However, the blender does have few drawbacks too. In this article, we have tried to provide an honest review about this blender to help you with your purchase decision on your new blender.

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Things to Prioritize Before Buying a Blender

Before we move on to the blender features, there are few things that you need to know about blenders in specific. First of all smoothie blenders come with a variety of features and specifications. To be honest, you don’t need all those fancy features in your blender. But there are few definite features of a smoothie blender that you should not compromise with. You need some basic ideas about certain aspects before making your choice for the blender.

The motor power

If you think high motor power is always good for you, you are wrong. Motor power depends on the type of food you are planning to blend. For instance, if you plan to prepare, sauce, dips and salad dressings only, you don’t need more than 400-watt motor power. Therefore, for those consumers spending extra bucks on high motor power is a waste of money.

On the other hand, if you are planning to create smoothies of hard ingredients, you cannot compromise with the motor power. You will need a motor power of around 800 watts for single or doubled served containers and more than 1200 watt for multiple serving containers. In these cases, you should not opt for a cheaper blender if the blender does not have sufficient motor power.

The Blades

With blades, you don’t need more than 8 of them. 8 blades or more are not necessary for a blender. Therefore, there is no reason for you to pay more for extra blades. However, if you find reasonable blenders with blades less than 4, you should consider alternative options. You will need at least 4 good quality blades for your ingredient to crush well.

Key features

The blender comes with a 75 recipe cookbook. This reflects the versatility of the blender that is; it’s able to make a variety of recipes for your breakfast, lunch or dinner items. The containers are small making it an ideal choice for users looking for portability. The price of the product is $73.63 at Amazon which is quite reasonable for the functions it provides. You can also get a $10 off if you buy a used product.

The blender is ideal for making good quality smoothies, frozen desserts, juice, nut milk, salad dressings, dips, sauces and many more. As for other functions, you can grind simple ingredients such as powdered coffee beans, oats, serials etc. For cookie or pancake batter as well, the blender can be used. Overall the blender is easy to handle and clean and could be a great smoothie blender choice for you if you require a small quantity of them regularly.

The price

Yes, for many of us price is one of the major concerns. There are various reasons behind it. Firstly, you might have a tight budget and need to limit your blender choices according to that. That is completely understandable and luckily for you, there are good blenders available at a price range of $30-$50 only.

The second problem buyers’ face is the price and quality bias they have. People sometimes tend to believe if the price is higher, the quality must be better as well. However, that is not true for all cases. The high price might be due to a specific feature only, for instance, an automated timer.

Therefore, high price does not necessarily mean that the overall blender features are good for you and suitable for your needs. Hence, do not presume that the blender will be of great quality if you see a price tag of more than $200. Do carefully check the specifications before making the final choice.

Detailed specifications

Before buying a blender, please check the detailed specifications of the product or at the very least read few online customer reviews for the blender. The reason we are saying this is because based on your needs, all specifications are not required. Therefore, choose a blender which matches with your needs and requirements rather than what the seller says how good it is. We have tried to give you a complete overview of the blender features and whether you need those features or not.


The blender has two sizes of containers. The regular size is 24oz and the small size is 18oz. This means that the overall blender size is small as well. If you need one cup of coffee or fresh frozen juice for your regular diet, this size is just the right fit for you. You can blend the smoothie or your favorite protein shakes on the 18oz containers and simply take the container with you wherever you are going. The containers have a sip and seal lid which means it won’t spill off even when you are driving or carrying it in your bag. If you feel, you need a bit more of smoothies; you can always use the 24oz container as per your choice.

For users who need one or two cups of smoothies per day, this blender is the just the right choice for you. The size is made just according to your needs. You have to worry less about single serve measurement of ingredients when you are preparing your smoothie.

Blender motor power

The blender has a motor power of 900 watt which is quite commendable for single served blenders. The motor power is essential for managing the speed and handling the blade performance. A high motor power usually means it’s a good thing if you are planning to prepare a wide range of food items with your blender. For great texture of smoothies as well, motor power has to play an important role.

In terms of motor power, we would definitely rate the blender as five stars because this is just the right amount required for single served smoothies.

Blender capacity

Nutri Ninja Pro blender (BL 456) has a blender capacity which is sufficient to create smoothies or food items for single or double serves only. Blender capacity implies the maximum quantity of ingredients you can pour into the blender’s container and it won’t spill out. Usually, blender capacity is considered around sixty to seventy percent of the usual container size. Therefore, for this particular product, we can say the capacity is around 14oz and 18oz for the 18oz and 24o cups respectively.

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In terms of blender capacity, the product is a good deal for single users. For family usage or bulk usage, the blender might not be the ideal choice for you.


The speed of the blender is quite moderate and lacks any automated system. It has a generic pulse function and revolutions per minute (RPM) is medium ranged. While preparing your blend you will have to keep pushing the switch until your end product is prepared.

You can see it from two perspectives. If you like to do things with your own style, this feature gives you the scope to adjust the speed according to your needs. You can push or stop pushing any time you want. That is, in this case, you have the liberty to create a pulpy smoothie or a very clear textured one. Another perspective is that lacks flexibility. That is, you cannot justify the leave the blender on its own to prepare the blend for you. So, as far as the speed is concerned, the decision depends on you whether you prefer this feature or not.


The blender has 4 pro extractor blades suitable to crush down ice cubes and hard ingredients. The blades are quite simple in this blender and are attached to one assembly. The blades are made of stainless steel which is of good quality. Also, even if the blades become distorted after wide usage, they can be replaced easily. If you don’t need to prepare much diversity in food items, these blades are good enough to do the job for you.

Our verdict would on the blades are quite positive. Although it does not have fancy features or functions they are pretty good at chopping fruits, vegetables, ice, and seeds.

Counter space

With the container sizes mentioned before, you can safely guess the size of the blender is small as well. The product we are discussing is a personal blender. Usually, for personal blenders, the sizes are kept smaller to adjust with the kitchen space. The base of the blender is 4 by 4 inches and the height is around 14.8 inches. So, if you have a small kitchen counter, this size will fit right into your kitchen electronics’ family.

The weight of the blender is however not so small. The blender weighs 8.2lbs and thus is difficult to carry here and there. The containers are quite lightweight though and can be easily taken everywhere.


For personal blenders, versatility is usually found less. Surprisingly for this blender, you can make various types of food items. You can make fresh smoothies, frozen drinks, cookie butter, juices, salad dressings, dips, sauces and so much more from this blender. That is actually a lot of options for just a personal blender.

One of the great things about this blender is that you can crush ice without any liquid added. Within this price range, this feature is quite rare to find. One drawback we found of the product is that it’s not suitable for hot foods. For instance, if you need to blend your hot coffee or soup, you will have to cool it down to room temperature at first.


The removal parts of the blender and containers are dishwasher safe. The containers are BPA free meaning you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals associated with container materials. Cleaning this small blender will actually not take much of your time. In fact, you can even choose to wash it with hands to improve the longevity of the product. Cleaning can impact the durability of a product to a great extent. It is completely alright if you want to care for your blender more by hand washing them.

Since the blender is small, it takes very little time to clean them, be it in the dishwasher or through hands. For cleaning criteria, our verdict is yes for this blender.


For users who don’t like much complexity with electronic appliances, we cannot think of any other product that would be better for you than Nutri Ninja Pro blender (BL 456). The blender functional features are very simple for you to understand. All you have to do is put the ingredients and push the start button and keep holding it until you feel that your blending is complete.

You control how much you want the mixture to continue. Whether it’s a sauce, dip or smoothie, create an estimate and start the blending process. You can check the smoothness or texture just by simply stopping the push. Therefore, for people who like to do work in a simple way, the operational features of this blender are quite good. But for people wanting automated features, auto on and off timers etc., you will need to look for an alternative blender. Also, you need to give the blender 30 minutes to cool down after using it for more than 5-6 minutes. A single blend usually takes sixty seconds only.

Ease of use

Ease of use can be understood from the operational features and cleaning criteria. With the operations as we have mentioned before, this is the simplest form in which you can create your blend. Just put in your ingredients, twist the cover of the blender clockwise and start your blending. Once you are done, twist the cover in opposite direction and put the mixture in the cup or container you want.

In terms of cleaning, you can simply wash them with hands or put the removal parts in the dishwasher. For personal usage, there cannot be anything more convenient than this. It takes very less time to create your blend and you don’t have to put in much effort in cleaning the blenders too. Also, you don’t have to remember any sort of complex switches and functionality of the blender.


The durability of the blender is somewhat moderate. That is, the blender will give you a good service for few years at least. Another good part about the blender is that its parts are easily replaceable. Therefore, if one part is not working well, you can get them replaced easily.

If you are good at handling electronic appliances, there is not much to worry about the durability. The longevity of the blender will be higher if taken care properly. You need to clean them well and make sure that the motor power is not used beyond its capacity.

Good and bad aspects of the product

A good strategy while choosing your blender is to make a list of pros and cons of the blender and compare them with the rest. We have made you a list of pros and cons for this blender.



  • Simplicity in usage: The operational features are really simple to understand. The cleaning process is also convenient.
  • Great color: The silver color blender and its appropriate size look great on any kitchen counter space.
  • Portable and convenient: Both 18oz and 24oz cups are easy to carry and have sip and seal lids for convenient carrying.
  • Complete value for money: The ice crushing and food item versatility is something rare for this price range. With this blender, you can still get these features within an affordable range.
  • Versatile qualities: Versatile qualities mean the blender has the perfect combination of motor power, speed, and blades. It also comes with a recipe book that makes it easier to go experiment with new menu items.



  • No automated feature: The blender lacks automated features such as the timer, pressure control etc.
  • Handling issues: The blender needs to be cooled down for 30 minutes after long usage. The blender is not suitable for hot ingredients.
  • Size: The small size is not suitable for bulk consumption or family usage.

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Summary of product review

Feature Attribute Our review
Size Small size Good for portability
Motor power 900 watt Good
Speed Around 1 minute Good
Blender capacity Small Average
Cookbook 75 recipes Good
Blades Pro-extractor blades Good
Ease of use Convenient Good
Durability Around 2 years Average
Operations Easy and simple Good
Cleaning process Easy Good
Versatility Quite versatile Good
Counter space 4 by 4 inches Average


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Final verdict

As a personal blender, Nutri Ninja Pro blender (BL 456) tops our list. It has great features available at a reasonable price. But for users who need a lot of automated features and more quantity of smoothies per day, this might not be the ideal choice for you.

Nutri Ninja Pro Blender (BL 456) is a popular blender at a reasonable price range. If you are not one of the users, we are sure you would be curious to know about its hype. To be honest, the blender surely has great features that make it so lucrative to the customers. However, the blender does have few drawbacks too. Read the article to know more about the product.


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