Holy Stone HS160 Shadow

Holy Stone HS160 Shadow

Best Holy Stone HS160 Shadow

The applications of drones are diversified. They are now occupying a wide spectrum of life. The applications are no longer limited for fun purposes only. They are available everywhere and even you can get the best drone under 100 too. So, whatever the purposes are, you are now able to get the drones within your reach. The drones come with certain features and they are able to amaze the users. Some of the aspects of life have become dependent on the drone. If you are a photographer, you would like to apply some special dimensions and aerial photography is one of them. It helps to make the photos look wonderful.

Again, if you are a surveyor, a drone is able to help you get the best possible images that will help you to complete the survey within a short time. But if you had to use some manual methods, you could have needed more time than usual. The drone is able to save your time and also it saves your money. As a result, you can have some relaxed moments in your life. The complexities are gone and you can enjoy the life than ever before. The necessities of drones are appearing high in our everyday life.

This article is about the best drone under 100 and the Holy Stone HS160 is one of them. The entire article will describe the detail of the drone that will help the users to come to a decision about the drone either they would get it or not.

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What the Best Drones Have in them?

Well, a single word answer is unable to reply completely what the best drones have in them. You need to go into detail to know about the drone and then you would be able to comprehend what actually the drones can provide you. Besides, you can also determine the features based on your needs. You can identify the types of features you are in need of. And accordingly, you have to select the drones. Here are some key features of the drones are attached so that you can generate some ideas about the drones and what their features are.

Drone types

The first thing you need to know about the drone type you want to have. There are several types drones are available around you. But not all the drones are able to meet your needs. You have the option to select the best one. There are drones for photography. The drones have the best quality camera with the HD quality. The drones are also able to take some wonderful images for the photographers if they can fly the drones high.

Similarly, the drones are able to meet the needs of the construction engineers or surveyors. They are able to complete the survey within a short time that took long hours for the people to complete. Besides, there are some other drones which are made for racing. If you love drone racing, you will not miss them. They come with some special features which are able to win the victory. Again, some other drones are able to fly only. Those are used for the training of drone flying.

Considering all the matters, you are to select your type.


Speed is another feature that the buyers need to bring into consideration. Not all the drones have the same speed. The drones which are meant to compete in the race usually have a larger speed. In fact, they are for the experts. The beginners are unable to handle the drones because of the high speed. On the other side, the drones which are made for the beginners will not have the same speed like a racing drone. The drones will help the beginners to learn to fly. As a result, you will have less speed. There are some other drones which have a moderate speed. They are able to meet the needs of the beginners and even the needs of the experts. So, most of the cases, the users prefer to have those drones so that they can handle the drones when they become expert.

Holy Stone HS160 Outlook

The outlook of the drones is another important issue. In fact, when you are flying drones to learn, you do not need to have a gorgeous look of the drone. But if you are a drone racer, you certainly need to have a drone that has some special look. They are able to impress the other competitors and even can bring a sense of fear among the other contesters. As a result, you will need to focus on the drone look. The moderate drones are able to impress you with their designs. The manufacturers usually focus on the drones that they should get some outstanding outlook. As a result, they are manufacturing drones with diversified colors and styles.

Earlier, at the beginning of drone age, they were available in some basic colors and designs. But with the change of time, the drones have passed some special days and now they development, in this case, is enviable. The drones are now available in different color and style which really will attract you.

Different User Level

Now, the user levels have been defined for the drones. There is three level of users are available in
drone flying. They are – the beginners, the intermediates, and the experts. The drone manufactures
produce drone for all the level of people. They have the option for the beginners. The beginners’ drones come with some basic features. The drones which are intended for the intermediates come with some more features than the ones of the beginner. And the drones for the experts have all the features you need for a quadcopter should have. As a result, the expansions of drones have been rapid and people all over the world are having drones based on their level.


The customization of drones is the other feature that the users of the present days adore. In fact, the modification has made drone flying easier than before. The users of drones in the past days did not have the capacity to modify the drones. They just had to follow the rules and regulations to fly the drones. They also did not have the scope to increase the battery power or decrease or add some other additional accessories. As a result, the drone flying was boring in those days. But with the passage of time, the users are able to customize their drones. They are able to add or remove the accessories they do want or do not want. But not all the drones are the subject of modification.

When you are planning to have a drone, it would be wise to check if the drone allows you to modify the accessories or not. If you get the chance of modification within your budget, you should get that without a second thought.

Easy Control

In the past days, the drones came with transmitter control. The users had a transmitter that they used to control the drone flight. But with the change of time, now the drone flying has become easier. The manufacturers are producing drones that are able to be controlled using Smartphone apps. You just need to install the app on your mobile and you can have the overall control of drone using that app. You do not need to carry the transmitter with you all the time. Sometimes, carrying the transmitter becomes irritating and many of the users are reluctant to carry that. The app is the solution that helps the drone users to get rid of that. Hence, the control becomes easier for the drones.

Different Sizes

The drones are available in various sizes. In fact, the sizes are determined based on the user experiences. Some of the users need some drones with moderate size, while some others need the drones that come with a smaller size. So, the manufacturers have paid enough attention to this fact. And thus the drones are available in various sizes and shapes. The users take their pieces considering their needs. When they want to have some larger drones, they are not disappointed. And if they need something smaller, they also can get it. In fact, they will never be disappointed with the size of the drones. Almost all the manufacturers have the drones the users are in need of.


The drones come with several types of accessories. In fact, the drone manufacturers take care of the accessories carefully. Without the extra accessories, this is not possible for the users to run their drone smoothly. None of the experts can claim that they do not crash with their drone. This is natural that the drone will crash and will also experience some other issues. As a result, they will be in need of accessories. The accessories include the drone rotors, batteries, colorful casing, landing gears, props etc. among others. So, whenever you will need accessories, you will get it around.

Cool Pictures

Now photography has got a special dimension. The concept of taking photos from the ground level is on the decay as the drone cameras are able to get some coolest pictures. When you are having a drone, you just need to set the height and take a pose for the photo. The rest is assured. The drone will get the other things done. And the photos look far better when they are taken from a moderate altitude. Besides, the photo quality is also good. The drone manufactures always attach some of the best cameras so that the users can have the best quality pictures. This is another special feature that is making the toy drones favorite to the users.

Indoor flights

Some of the best drones under 100 come with the feature of indoor flights. It points that you can fly your drone inside your home. Even, you can fly them into your bedrooms as well. They come with certain features that allow the users to take the flights in their homes. There are people who are unwilling to take the drones out of their home and there are actually no specific reasons for this type of decision. Considering their intentions, the drone manufacturers have made the drones in a smaller size so that they could be able to fly inside the house without having any trouble.

Outside Flights

Moreover, there are some other drones available which you need to fly out of your home. Some open spaces are preferable for the flights. Such drones need open spaces because they have a great speed. And most importantly, you will not get the right attitude to have the fun of drone flight if you do not fly them out of your home. Besides, without flying them outside of the home, you will not realize what a drone can do. You cannot make them flip on the flight, you cannot race with the other drones and also you will miss the excitements of drone flying. So, the manufacturer has made them in such a manner that you need some outer space to fly them.


This is the other issue that most of the drone users consider. The drones are available in different range of prices. You can even get the drones at the cheapest price. But those drones are not made with the quality raw materials and you will have a couple of flights with them. Next, you need to replace them and spend some more for the other drones. But there are some specific drone brands which produce drones with a lower budget, and they are durable too. So, you can get the budget-friendly drone that will serve you more than your imagination. But you need to ensure that the brand is providing with the right thing you are looking for.

Ready to Fly

Most of the drones are ready to fly. You do not need to adjust or assemble the drone. And if you have to assemble the parts, they lack too less time to complete the assembly. But there are some other drones as well which you will need to build completely. It actually depends on the types of users. If you want to spend some more time with the drone, you can get the one which needs to be assembled. But the experts are on the preference of the RTF drones. It saves their time. And they can invest the saved time to be more skilled in drone flying.

Flight and Charging Duration

This is an issue that most of the drone users are concerned with. In fact, the average duration of drone flight lasts no longer than seven to eight minutes. If you fly the drone in the beginner mode, you might get one or two minutes extras. And the charging duration varies based on brands and models. Some of the drones are ready to fly within sixty minutes after the charger is inserted and some others take more time to be charged. But the problems are met in some special ways. In the present days, some of the drone manufacturers are focusing on the addition of extra batteries so that the drones can last a few moments more on the flight.

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Why is Holy Stone HS160 one of the best drones under 100?

There are a good number of reasons that make this drone as one of the best one. The key reasons are noted here so that you can have the clearer picture about this particular drone.

Top quality pictures

This particular drone has the best cameras ever installed on a drone within this budget range. You will get the clearer picture that will be adorable with the 720p nose-mounted camera of the drone. As a matter of fact, the other usual drones within this budget range are unable to provide the best photos as it can provide. The manufacturer has taken care of the issue and installed the best quality camera so that the users could have the nicest pictures. The drone is also able to take HD videos from the above. So, you are now becoming a great photographer or a filmmaker with the help of this drone.

Easy Folding

Most of the drones come with a fixed frame. As a result, the users are unable to fold the rotor or axis. This frequently becomes trouble for the drone users. They feel uncomfortable while carrying the drones. Sometimes, they become a victim of accidents and the drones break. But this foldable drone will save you from the unwanted events. The users are able to fold the drone, pack it and carry in places they want. In fact, this is a great advantage for the users to fold the drone. After unpacking the drone, they can bring it back to the original shape which takes almost no time. Interestingly, even you can keep the drone in your pocket when folded.

Flight Time

The drone is able to fly an average of eight minutes after being fully charged. The usual drones last for around six to seven minutes. But you are getting a minute extra and this is really a great advantage for the drone users. The real drone users know how priceless each of the seconds when the drones are on the flight. For instance, you are shooting for a video and the drone suddenly stopped working as it is out of battery. You need to arrange for all the things again. You can lose the race for a single second. If your drone had the charge, you could have won it. Considering all the matters, you will be glad that you are getting some extra moments with this Holy Stone piece.

Stable flight

Majority of the drones are unable to have a stable flight. As a result, they do not get preferred by the users. In fact, when you will find the drone is not at the right altitude and cannot follow your orders, you need to realize that the drone is unable to stay in the altitude. And this mostly happens for the unstable flight. The wind velocity does not allow the drone to stay stable. As a direct result, the flying experience is not up to the mark. But the users will have some different experience with this product. The drone stays stable even in the highest altitude. So, drone flying becomes fun indeed for all types of users.

Various Speed Modes

This Holy Stone piece is able to fly in several speed modes. To be more specific, the drone is able to fly in four-speed modes. It helps the users to get the best experience of drone flying. Since you can control the speed, and you are a beginner, you can fly it comfortably. Besides, if you are an intermediate, you will have the options to drive the drone as per your sweet will. And if you are an expert or a drone racer, no worries are there. The speed will allow you to fly the drone based on your needs. You can increase the speed or decrease the speed while taking a turn. The entire flying experience will be fun. Undoubtedly, you will be impressed with the drone speed features.

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Dual Operation

The drone comes with a dual operating system. It points that you can fly the drone using the transmitter and also by using your Smartphone application. Both the ways are convenient for the users. But using the transmitter turns hassled for many of the users, they do not want to insert batteries or carrying the transmitter is a hassle for them. So, they prefer the drones with their Smartphone app. The application of the phone app will allow you to have the live streaming or you can record the photos and videos on your mobile as well.

Gravity Sensor

This is another special factor that attracts the users most. The gravity sensor is able to follow the direction of the mobile phone that is using the app. As a result, the navigation of the drone becomes easier while this is on the flight. You just need to move the Smartphone to any direction and the drone will move there. Is not this an easy one for the users instead of running around with the transmitter to set the directions? This is the other reasons for why the users are in love with this special drone.

Smaller Size

The drone comes with a smaller size and shape. As a result, you can carry the drone to anywhere you want. Moreover, the size has made it enabled to fly in both indoor and outdoor places. You do not need to worry that if you fly the drone inside your home if you would be able to control the speed or not. Besides, you also need to be relaxed about its outside operation. The drone is able to be adjusted in different situations and environments. The manufacturers have made the drone in a special manner that you will never be disappointed.

Extra Batteries

The drone comes with extra batteries that are able to compensate the battery lacking. Sometimes, the users need a backup of power from the drones. But the ordinary drones are unable to provide the backup as they do not have any specific power backup. Applying the batteries with the existing one will help to boost up the power. This would be a great help for the users indeed when they are on the flight. An extended power will help to increase the fun more. So, you can have this one if you really want to have some real fun in drone flying.

Simple Start

The drone comes with an easy operating system. There is a key that allows the users to start the drone instantly. Again, by pressing the key, you can also bring it to the land. This is a special feature that is suitable for all the types of users. If you are a novice or an expert, you can have benefited from this button. The simplicity in operation has made the Holy Stone drone preferable to the drone users as well.



  • Flexible: the drone is flexible and you can carry it even in your pocket as well. But this feature is rare for the other drones within this budget.
  • Modular batteries: the modular batteries are safer to charge and use. The other usual drones do not have the batteries and thus they do not get the benefits.
  • LED lights: the drone comes with LED lights that make the navigation easier. You can also operate the drone at the night times using the LED lights.
  • 70 min charge: the drone takes around 70 minutes to charge while the other usual drones take more time than this to get a complete charge of the batteries.



  • Less strong: the drone is not that much strong as this is told in the advertisement. The firsthand experiences differ with the view.
  • Breaks easily: the drone breaks easily if it falls from above because of being plastic made.
  • Rotor malfunctions: the rotors of the drone might have some malfunctions. They might not stop easily.

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Final Verdict

There is nothing perfect in the world and even the best drones under 100 follow the same rule. They are able to provide you some more features than the other ordinary drones and you have to admit it. You just need to make some adjustments. You have to spend some time for charging the drone. You have to be patients while the charge is going on. Besides, you also need to get some accessories when the drone crashes. This is, in fact, impossible to fly drones flawlessly. The drones will break, they will fall, and they will crash. But at the end of the day, you will be an expert in drone flying.

Hence, if you really want to have some real-life drone flying skills, you should rely on this Holy Stone HS160 Shadow. Your experiences will be better than other drone users around you.

Meta: Having the best drones under 100 is not easy. Neither all the manufacturers have the same products nor the features are the same. This Holy Stone HS160 Shadow is different than the usual drones within this budget and comes with some astonishing features to make your drone flying a remarkable event.

Holy Stone HS160 Shadow
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