Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee

Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee

Best Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee

Want to fly a racing drone? Do you have any prior idea about how to fly racing drones? Actually, flying drones has become a passion for many of the people across the world. This small toy has won the hearts of people for the outstanding features. But not everyone is able to get the real drones. There are some best drones under 100 which also resemble the real products and provide much pleasure to the users. The other important aspect of the flying drone is the fun they provide. When you see your drone is flying in the sky, you will feel an immense sense of joy inside. But not all the drones are able to make you feel the same.

This Holy Stone HS150 comes with some outstanding features for the users. The drone is easy to fly and able to beat the competitors in a drone race. Besides, the drone is also enabled to last for a longer time which the ordinary drones are unable to demonstrate. Thus, the features and experiences have made it a popular one among the users around the world. This is really a worthy drone that will make your experience different. Racing becomes fun indeed. The quadcopter also has some other benefits that you will come to know gradually. Go through the rest of the review and know the amazing advantages of this special product.

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Which one is for you?

Well, this is important to know before you get the drone. In fact, not every drone is the right one for you. You need to determine your specific needs and then select the right one that fits your needs the most. Thereby, you will need to know about each and every detail of drones. A comparative discussion here will help you to determine the right piece for you.


There are a wide array of drones are available. You cannot get all the drones you desire to get. But this should be the one that is able to meet your needs. If you are a photographer, you need drones that come with the best quality cameras. The racing drones will be of no use to you. Again, you are a surveyor and the drones without a camera would not be able to meet your demands. You need a drone which is able to take clear aerial photos. The drone speed and flight duration is not an issue to consider here. Hence, this is important to know the exact category you need to get. Otherwise, the experience will be not up to the mark.


If you are an expert drone user, you need some extra speed. But the fact is not the same for everyone. The beginners will not need a drone that can fly at 100 KM speed per hour. In fact, they will be unable to track the drone in bare eyes. The issue is just the opposite of the drone users who are habituated with fast flying. Hence, the speed issue actually varies from user to user. Thereby, if you are a beginner, you do not need a speedy drone. Again, when you are an expert, you need something different. All the things actually depend based on your experience and expertise. So, getting the right drone will help you to meet your needs. And if you are unable to set the speed, you might get dissatisfied with the drone experience.

Drone Size

The size of the drone is another important issue that needs prior consideration from the users. In fact, the drone sizes are one of the important matters that you need to consider. All the drones are unable to take flight in all the spaces. You need some open spaces for the larger drones. But if the drones are smaller, you can fly it even at your small room. So, the drone size draws consideration based on your space. There are some manufacturers who produce drones which are able to fly in all types of environment. So, this is a good idea to get one of them.


So, you are seriously buying a drone? If the answer is yes, you need to focus on the outlook too. There are numerous types of drones are available in the marketplace and you just do not need to get the one you prefer. You also have to consider some other aspects as well as the outlook. Flying the drones outside of your home will draw attention from people and when they will see the nice outlook, they will be impressed with your choice. Besides, the outlook is also required when you will compete in the racing. A stunning look is able to create some positive impressions among your fellow men or competitors.

Camera Resolution

Regardless of your use, you should check the camera resolution. Some of the drones do not have a camera. In fact, they are made for some local flight and for fun purposes only. But when you plan for a long-term use, you should have several applications together. And the functionality of camera is one of them. The camera resolution should be standard. The HD cameras are required for some professional purposes. So, you cannot expect that ordinary cameras would do the same. However, the cameras should be up to the mark to meet any of your basic needs and their resolutions should be of standard level. You do not know when your camera needs will appear. Thus it is wise to be armed with this necessary tool.

Do You Really Need it?

This is another important question that one should ask before planning to get a drone. In fact, all the drones are not made for you. And even, there are some legal bindings that not everyone is able to own a drone. There are some issues that do not allow the citizens to be the owner of a drone and the reasons are various. So, you have to know about the legal issues of your respective state if that allows you to own a drone or not. If there is no restriction, you can get the desired drone. And if there are bindings, this would be wise not to get one. You may fall in trouble with the law enforcers and even may be punished for violating the state rules. The best way to stay out of trouble is to be aware of the rules.


Most of the drones are available in Ready To Fly (RTF) mode.  You can fly the drones without any configuration after unpacking. The manufacturer makes the drone in such a way that they need no further tweaking. Even you do not need any prior trial. Just assemble the battery to the transmitter and start flying. This feature is adorable. And it helps to save time and money. On the other side, if you pick the drones that need to be built, you will invite some troubles for you. If you make any mistake during the building process, you will have to wait for a long time to get that be completed and start flying. Thereby, this is better to get the RTF drones.

Power Backup

The battery is one of the most concerning issues for the drone users. They are always in trouble with the power issues. A majority of the drones are unable to provide a long backup of batter. And this happens for several reasons. The drones work on different electrical issues and thus they consume more power than it is estimated. Hence, the batteries are unable to provide a long back up for the drones. They need to be recharged every now and then. A drone can get 10 minutes of flight time maximum with the existing power backup system. After the duration, the batter needs a recharge. The charging time also varies based on the battery type or based on the drone category. So, you do not need to worry if you find some delays in the charging issues.


Sometimes, the drones are unable to stay at the same height when they are on the flight. It happens for several reasons. If the wind velocity is more, there are chances that the drone will not stay in the same position or altitude during the flight. There are some drones, which are able to withstand the wind pressure. They can keep the same altitude from the beginning of their flight to the end. The stability is a greatly needed issue for a drone. Due to the lack of stability, the users are to face various types of troubles. They cannot get the right images or cannot stay on the track during the race.


Some of the drones get crashed during their flights. And even the experts are unable to assure that they would have the perfect flight or landing. There will be some issues available and you cannot prevent them. So, the drones might need some repair works. Make sure the drone you are having is repairable. A majority of the manufacturers produce a drone that cannot be repaired. Once the drone is damaged or any parts of it are damaged, you need to get another one which is mere wastage of money. Spending a few bucks, you can easily repair the damaged parts. Sometimes, the manufacturers provide the users with some additional accessories for this purpose. Hence, it is important to check the drones if they are repairable or not. When the drones are irreparable, you should discard the idea to get that.


Usually, the drones are made of lightweight. There are some drones which come with a heavyweight and they serve some specific purposes. So, unless you are in need to meet any specific purpose, you do not need to get a heavyweight drone. Besides, the heavyweight drones also consume more charges than you imagine. On the other side, the lightweight drones are a bit economic in charge consumption. Carrying the lightweight drones is also comfortable and easier. So, you should pick the lightweight drones for your everyday needs.


Navigation of drones is a highly important issue to consider. In the present days, the drone manufacturers attach some modern tools and devices for easy navigation. When the drone is on the flight, it needs the right direction to get back into the base (your home) or to move correctly in different directions. When the directions are not delivered to them properly, they cannot move freely. So, you need to check the navigation features of your potential drone. Make sure it comes with modern navigation tools like GPS to let you know its real-time position.

Additional Accessories

At times, the drone manufacturers provide some extra accessories with the drones. They do it because the accessories are not available in the existing marketplaces. This is advantageous to the drone users. You need to check if the drones come with the additional accessories. And also should check back what the accessories are. If the accessories are not up to the mark or you can get them easily in the outside markets, avoid the drone. Rather, seek the drone which comes with additional batteries, rotors or propellers or with at least a carrier case. You should consider the drone that comes with the accessories which are rare and you need most to operate the drones.

Customer Service

The necessity of customer service is also emerging in the present days. As most of the drone users are the newbie, they need assistance from the manufacturer. Most often they crash the drones and cannot set what to do in that case. Assistance from the customer service department of the drone manufacturer is the key way to solve the problems. So, you should look for a reliable customer service and ensure the drone manufacture provides the right care to its customers. You can check back their service my making phone calls or by communicating in other ways. Unless you get a good feedback from the customer service department, it would be unwise to buy the drone.

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Why Holy Stone HS150 is the best drone under $100

Holy Stone is a familiar name in the arena of drone manufacturing. The drones made by this manufacturer are able to perform better and their durability is more than the average drones. When it is about the overall performance, the products from Holy Stone stand in a strong position. So, people drone lovers across the world are in love with the products from this drone. Here goes some information that you might not want to miss before taking the decision to get a drone.

Extra Speed

The drones of this brand come with a great speed. In fact, you will feel thrilled when you will see the drone you own moves at a great speed than that one of your neighbors or family members. The manufacturer has added some extra advantage with this drone that will amaze you. You will enjoy the extra speed. You can park the drone in places you want within a twinkle of your eye. Besides, the ultra speed will make the overall experience adorable that you will be in love with the drone from the very first day. The manufacturer takes pride in the special speed of the drone.


Please be noted that this is a racing drone. It comes with the feature and advantages that a racing drone needs to own. The drone is able to compete with the other ordinary racing drones and most importantly, you will be a winner. The drone has a great speed and the other features allow it to move faster. So, when it is about a drone race and you need to bring victory, you can rely on this drone. But at the same time, the users can also use the drone for other purposes. The speed controlling system allows the users to control the drone speed to a minimum level. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the racing issues. When you need to race, you can, of course, do that easily.

Fun to fly

This mini-drone is really a fun to fly. It will provide you the best experience ever you get. This is the best drone under 100 for several reasons. While flying, you will feel something special with this drone. The drone is able to reach an altitude that the other drones are unable. Besides, the flying time is also more than the average racing drones. Thereby, the experience becomes enjoyable. If you really want to have some fun without having trouble with your drone, you can rely on this.

Outdoor operation

The drone is mostly made for outdoor operation. Since this is a drone for racing, it is manufactured in the way that it would perform best in the outdoor environments. Besides, when the drone is operated in an indoor environment, you can also have the similar experience. But to get the optimum experience from the drone, you should operate it in outside of the home. Any open space is suitable for its flight. In fact, you should keep in mind that this is a racing drone. To know about its performance, you need to take it outside of its comfort zone. It will demonstrate how strong it is and how can it perform.

3D Rolling

Though almost all the drones are able to roll in the air, this is not an exception. The manufacturer has added a 3D rolling feature with this drone. It has some special 3D rolling options and they make the flights adorable. The ordinary drones are able to flip in several angels but the manufacturer has prepared the drone to roll on in almost all the angles. Here is the key difference between this drone and the other usual drones available around you. If you really love drone racing and want to perform something special during the race time, the 3D rolls will make your audience enchanted.

Extra Batteries

Usually, the other drones do not come with extra batteries as like this one. The manufacturer has added a pair of extra batteries with the drones. As a result, you will get some extra flight times. The other drones might not last for over seven minutes during the race. But you are different than them in the race track. You do not need to worry about the battery backup. You can complete the tracks even faster and within a short time. On the other side, you will have some extra battery charges that will boost your mental courage. Most of the users in drone race become anxious about the charge issues when they are on the race track. The extra batteries will remove your worries.

Headless Mode

Do not get afraid. This is a racing drone. But if you are a beginner, you can also use it. The drone comes with the features that the beginners can use and the headless mode is one of them. The mode helps to navigate the drone easily. As a matter of fact, this is not possible to determine the directions of the drones when they are flying high. The headless mode is able to indicate which way the drone is facing. Actually, the headless mode always faces to the users when the drones are at a high altitude. So, it makes the users take the decision easily in which way they should take the drone.



  • Powerful motor: the motors of this drone are powerful. They are able to generate a great speed within a short time.
  • Entry level: this is a drone that is most suitable for the entry level drone racers. In fact, you need to have more skills before you take part in a drone race. This entry-level drone is able to make you skilled.
  • Durable: the manufacturer has used some quality materials while making the drone. As a result, you will have a durable drone that will not be damaged easily. You also need not change the accessories frequently.
  • Easy to fly: some of the drones do not have the option of easy flying. They need installation and other types of the process before a flight. But this one is free of them, and you can fly the drone right after the unpacking.
  • Stunning look: the drone has a special look. You can compare the look with the other types of drones. And will be amazed finally that this little toy is the best one among them.
  • 5-speed modes: this product comes with five types of speed control. So, regardless of your level as a drone user, you can use the drone based on your limit and necessity.
  • 50 km/ h: Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee is able to fly at 50 Km per hour speed. This is really adorable speed comparing the other racing drones available around.
  • Flight time 7 mins: this little quadcopter has a seven-minute flight time. But the other ordinary racing drones are not able to have this flight duration even at a lower speed.
  • 70 meters range: the operation range of this drone is around 70 meters. But the best range is around 50 meters.



  • Technical glitch: often the drone comes with some technical difficulties. The users are in trouble after opening the box.
  • Lasts less long: the drone does not last for a long time as it is told. Some firsthand experiences are against the view of durability.
  • More charging time: this product takes around 90 minutes to charge whereas the other drones can complete the charging cycle by 60 to 70 minutes.
  • No camera: since this is a racing drone, it does not have any camera installed with it. There are no options available as well to install cameras.

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Final Verdict

Flying drone is really a fun when you will have the right thing with you. Unless you are getting the best drone under 100, you would not be able to discover the fun. When the drone races take place, excitement is everywhere. And to participate in the race, you will need some strong toys to battle the other competitors. Hence, this Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone is there to meet your needs. The drone is tailored with the best possible features and technological aspects. You will have a nice racing experience.

Besides, if you want to learn drone flying or drone racing, this would be a great piece for you. The drone contains all the necessary features which are required for learning drone flying. As a result, this quadcopter is able to win hearts of all types of people. The performance is better and also makes the users skilled enough to take part in any professional drone racing competitions. Besides, the outlook of the drone casts a special impact on the users. Considering all the matters and facts, this is a great buy for the drone users who want the best drone under 100.

Holy Stone is a renowned brand for producing the best drones under 100. Easy flight control feature makes it fun. Actually, this is a great piece for racing and the extra speed brings a stunning look. The 3D rolling is truly loveable and the drone race will make you speechless.

Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee
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