Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

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Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat

For parents who need to travel a lot, convertible car seats are an essential item for their babies. Especially when you are driving alone, the normal car seats are mostly designed for adult usage and do not meet the safety standards to protect the young infants from injury. Convertible car seats are specially designed for kids and children within a certain weight limit to ensure their maximum safety and comfort while travelling.

Are you looking for a convertible car seat that provides the maximum protection and comfort for your children? Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat is just the right choice for you. Read this article and know about the detailed specifications related to the product. Compare with your other options and make the final purchase decision.

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat from the brand Graco is one of our recommended items for the parents who are looking to buy convertible car seats. The features of the product are ensured to provide the child with comfort, safety and convenience. With this product, you will find your child happy and easy throughout the journey in your car. We have evaluated the product based on its requirement to meet the safety standards, the distinctive features of the seat and the generic features that should be there in any convertible car seat.

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Graco Extend2Fit Overview

In this section, we help you understand how the Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat can be a useful item for your family and the basic checks that you before buying the product.


For infants who are of weight range 4 to 50lbs, the convertible car seat can provide protection through having it rear facing. If your baby has grown in the weight range of 22 to 65lbs, you can install the seat front facing and the gadget can provide safety for your baby.

You will find positional settings in the product. According to the recommendation from the pediatrician, it’s better for the infant up to 2 years to use the rear facing feature. The product came up with some innovative features as well. When your baby starts to grow, she or he will still be comfortable with the additional extension settings of the product.


The product is designed in such a way that ensures maximum comfort for your infant. It has a special 5 inch extension so that your child has enough leg space to move around. For infants, you would see that they are attracted to different or unique colors. Also, its very difficult to make them use a product that they do not find interesting. Luckily, with this product you have little to worry about.

The design is made keeping the child mentality in mind. This brand has car seats of various colors such as binx, solar, devis, spire, kenzie and gotham. Among them gotham is our personal favorite. The color is versatile for grabbing the child’s attention and also something that would suit with any type of car interior.

Crash testing

When it comes to your child, safety is of utmost priority and we understand that. The government also has set some standards for child care products. One of the criteria for a good convertible car seat is that whether the product has passed crash testing or not. Yes, the product has been rigorously crash tested and meets the safety standards according to federal regulations.

We understand for caring parents even that might not be enough. Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat went an extra mile to ensure your infant’s safety and exceeds the requirements of US Standard FMVSS 213. This seat is also side impact tested to ensure that the injury is minimum during accidents or unwanted hazards.

Key features

The key features include the basic elements that you need to know before buying the product and the distinctive features that separates this from other convertible car seats.

The price

The price of Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat is $149.99. When it comes to convertible car seats, we would recommend that you should not compromise with the feature and quality of the product. We believe this is a very small price to pay when it comes to ensuring your children’s safety.

Although as parents, we know that you price is usually not a factor if it’s a product for the betterment for the child. Still knowing about the price is important as it would give you an idea about the overall quality and also help you manage your budget.

The brand

For childcare products, some parents are quite brand specific and that is completely normal. You want something reliable and good for the child. This product belongs to the brand Graco. Graco is a reliable and trusted brand for years and is experienced and professional to create products suited for your infant’s needs.

It promises quality, comfort and safety in every child product it makes. Graco has been innovating with newer technologies to come up with products for the convenient upbringing of children. So, in terms of brand we would say that you have nothing to worry about and that this brand is a reliable choice.

Harness storage

The harness storage of this convertible car seat is hassle free. This storage helps your infant get in the seat and out of it conveniently and without facing a problem. It ensures that your child sits comfortably at the seat and enjoys the journey with you without facing problems.

It has a built in 5 point harness system that helps the child adjust according to the height and weight. It ensures the safety of any side impact and front imbalances. Other than just safety, you will find your child relaxed in this setting.

Adjustable settings

The harness system is very safe and you can adjust it according to your baby’s requirement. The procedure is easy and extremely convenient for you. You can easily headrest in one motion without needing to remove the borders. This is one of the features why we loved this product so much. It makes travelling so simple and easy for the parents.

The product also has 10 headrest positions to adjust according to the needs of your child. This specific convertible car seat understands that headrest is an important feature for the child’s comfort and made sure to provide all possible options for the parents.

Extension panel

This product comes with a four position extension panel. That is the product provides 5 inch extra leg room for the child. This is one of the rare features found in convertible seats. When your child starts to grow, it gets difficult and uncomfortable for them sometimes. For Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat however, the designers understood this problem and maintained an extension of 5 inches.

In this way, your baby can sit comfortable with enough space around them. Thus your child can sit rear facing in this comfortable convertible seat for a longer period of time. Children weighing up to 50 pounds can sit without any difficulty in these seats rear facing.

Detailed specification

The detailed specifications include the features that you need to check before buying any convertible car seats. These are the mandatory requirements for the seats and you will need to check these details and compare which one is better. Although the prioritization of specifications is subjective but there are few matters that you cannot compromise with at all. Let us look into the detailed specifications for your better understanding.

Safety measures

The most important specification you need to check are the safety measures taken by the product. Your children’s safety is of utmost important and that is the whole point of buying convertible car seats. If you find any small thing wrong, you should definitely go for a different product.

Luckily for this product, the safety measures exceed beyond the minimum federal requirements. The product has passed successfully in crash testing. Other than that, there are measures taken for side-impact management of the child seating. It has an occupant retention with the built in 5 point harness system. The harness can be adjusted according to the weight and height and thus is able to hold on to your child in a proper way. In this way, during unwanted problems, the injury to your child would be minimum.

Installation convenience

Installation convenience is more from the parental perspective. You would have to be the one who needs to install the seat properly. For a regular traveler and family usage, easy installation is an important factor. Although do keep in mind that if a product provides you installation convenience but the safety standards are not met, you must avoid the product! Usually for convertible car seats installation convenience is not that much if the safety standards are too high.

For Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat, along with great safety standards, the installation procedure is also quite easy. You will find a fuss free harness storage actually that will help you buckle in or out very easily. The harness adjustment procedure is simple as well. There is provision for balancing the harness based on the height and weight of your child.


Comfort is seen from two perspectives basically when we evaluated this product for you. One is the comfort of the child and the other is parental comfort. The product provides parental comfort. The reason is it meets all the safety standards and regulations. Therefore, while you are travelling you have to worry less about your child getting hurt and thus you can actually relax throughout your journey.

As far as the babies comfort is concerned, the product has an adjustable harness making it easy for the baby to move within there. There is extra 5 inch leg space for the baby to move and relax in a comfortable manner. You will also find 10 headrest settings in the seat and can adjust accordingly based on your toddler’s requirement. We seriously cannot find a flaw in this product.


With convertible car seats, it’s difficult to be versatile. You have less scope to innovate and come up with different utilities of the product. For this product, you can use it as a rear facing or front facing convertible seat. Although, there is a minimum and maximum weight limit for this product.

The versatility for this product is lower but there is an innovative that we loved about the product. That is, the 5 inch extra leg space for the child. With long journeys, it gets difficult for the child to stay put in the same position. The leg space provides the child with the comfort that it requires for the journey.


Cleaning is also an important factor to make the purchase decision especially with busy parents. For this product, the cleaning procedure is medium level we would say. Some might even argue that the cleaning is difficult for them. Since this is a baby product, you cannot let it become dirty or dusted and thus cleaning at regular intervals is important.

You need get the canopies and straps out and wash the areas carefully. The material of the seat is of polyester which is usually machine-washable although the manual does not state that specifically. To be safe, you might want to wash the sensitive areas of the seat with hands. Yes, this can be tedious but that is something you need to ensure for the betterment of your child. If you are someone who cannot manage time to clean the product, you should opt for a different convertible seat.

Ease of use

From the parental perspective, ease of use depends on the installation phase and cleaning process. For Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat, the installation phase is quite simple and easy. The product has an in Right LATCH system to make the installation phase easier for you. The LATCH attachment will not take you more than 1 or 2 seconds.

You will also find an easy to read level indicator making things even easier on your end. For the installation part, the process is extremely easy. For the cleaning purpose however, you will have to spend an ample amount of time. The cleaning process will require your care and time. So we would say that the ease of use is average for this convertible car seat.

Flipsides of the product

When you are comparing with other convertible car seats, the thumbs rule is to make a list of pros and cons of the product and find the best one to purchase. We have made the list of pros and cons for your convenience.



  • Has front facing and rear facing options for the infant
  • Possess an extra 5-inch leg space for the child
  • The installation process is simple and easy
  • Harness storage and harness adjustment systems provide maximum comfort
  • Has 10 headrest features based on children’s mood
  • Exceeds the federal safety requirements
  • Has been side impact tested for occupant retention



  • Cleaning procedure takes time and effort
  • Lacks versatility in terms of utility and functionality

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Why we chose this product?

With children safety, the standards and quality of a product cannot be compromised. These are the reasons why we absolutely loved the product and believe this is the right choice for you.

Right combination

We chose this product because it comes with a rare combination of great features. Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat meets all the safety standards required and actually exceeds in some cases. With convertible car seats, it’s rare to find installation convenience if the safety regulations are too high. Somehow this product managed to provide convenience with installation. The product made sure that your child is comfortable with the surroundings.


We found an innovative feature that gives this product a competitive edge over other convertible car seats. The extra 5 inch room for leg space is a major factor that convinced us to like this product. Due to this feature, your children will be very comfortable and relaxed during the car journeys.


Based on height and weight, there is customizable option for the harness adjustment. You will find 10 headrest settings according the requirement and comfort zone of your child. The product provides front facing and rear facing features for the seat based on the height and weight of the child. These customization features make it an ideal product for family usage.

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Final verdict

For family usage or parents who love to travel with their child, Graco Extend2Fit convertible car seat is the perfect choice for you. The right combination of safety standards, installation convenience and superior comfort make the product an ideal choice for your children’s use. Although if you are looking for a convertible car seat which has a convenient and easy cleaning process, you might need to look for a different option.

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