COSORI 1500w Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

COSORI 1500w blender reviews

Review on COSORI Blender for shakes and smoothies

Buying the right blender is a very difficult task. When you are actually looking for buying one you would definitely agree to this statement. The reason is the availability of so many options. It’s quite easy to lose track among all the brands, their features, their reviews and so much more. We recommend while researching for blenders to buy, you select one criterion which seems the most important to you and short-list some of the blenders. Then among the shortlisted ones, you see the detailed features and specifications and choose your desired blender.

For instance, price or performance can be your important factor while choosing. You can take a definite price range and narrow down your search to those. Or you can narrow down your search based on high performance or medium performance blenders. If you are brand specific, you can simply type the brand and the type of quality you are looking for. For instance, if your preferred brand is COSORI and you need to buy smoothie blenders, just type these two keywords and you will find your available options.

Speaking of the brand COSORI, it has a great professional ranged blender specialized for making shakes and smoothies. In this article, we will be providing you an honest review about the reasons why you should buy this blender and some drawbacks for which you might want to avoid choosing it.

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Product Overview

COSORI blender for smoothies and shakes is designed to suit all your kitchen requirements. It is more than just a simple smoothie maker. The appliance was built keeping various types of customer necessities in mind.

Commercial Kitchen Smoothie Blender

You can create your favorite smoothies and shakes through this blender at home. The blender is specially designed to make all types of smoothies such as organic smoothies, green smoothies, fruit smoothies and many more. The motor power, blades and operational features are designed in that way so that making smoothies become very easy on your end. It has a large pitcher for family usage and a small bottle for traveling purpose. So, for both high volume and low volume smoothie intakes, the blender is a good choice.

Multi-functional kitchen appliance

COSORI promises to be much more than being just a smoothie blender. You will be glad to know that it lives up to its promise. The blender works as a grinder for coffee beans and spices. You can also use it as a food processor for chopping your vegetables and meat. The appliance is even temperature resistant to make soups and fondue. Therefore, COSORI blender for smoothies and shakes will help you create a variety of food items for your everyday meal.

Key features

In this segment along with the price, we have evaluated two distinct factors that are unique in this blender.

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Unique feature

One of the features that we loved about this blender is its special lid. What’s so special about this lid? Well, it’s a common mistake that we forget to put all the ingredients while blending. So, if you forget that you can actually put the ingredients through the special lid while blending. We thought it’s a great feature since it gives you the scope to create your favorite recipe in a convenient manner.

Consistency Maintenance

Sometimes, the ingredients or contents get stuck at a part or the mixture proportion is not appropriate. In those times, users usually tend to put in more liquid. Putting in more liquid will actually hamper the recipe. Hence, this blender has a tamper with which you can push the larger and unmixed fruits towards the blades to make sure that your mixture consistency is maintained. This is something you have to do manually but we feel it gives you more scope to add your own unique touch to the recipe.


You can get this blender within a price range of $100-$120 at Amazon depending on the offers, deals, and other shipping factors. The price is somewhat on the higher end but we believe that this is a good investment. Instead of buying a separate food processor, a coffee grinder, soup maker and a smoothie blender, you can simply buy one single COSORI blender and get your job done. Therefore, you would be actually saving a lot of your money by simply buying one high priced blender.

Detailed Specifications

In the specifications part, you will find the generic characteristics present in almost all the blenders. These features you can compare with other blenders and then finalize your decision.


What it provides? The size of the blender is medium sized. It has a pitcher that is able to intake a total volume of 70oz. That means you can make more than five to six cups of smoothies from this blender. The blender also has a small sized container of 27oz for single or double serves. Both the containers are BPA free and hence safe for preparing baby food as well.

Do you need it? If you have a family and require large quantity of smoothies or food items every day, this blender will save a lot of your time. You can make more than five serves at one go through this blender. If you need a personal blender and need small container so that you can carry it to work or gym, the blender provides you with a to-go bottle as well. The bottle has to go lids so that your travelling bottle doesn’t spill the smoothies while driving or carrying it in your bag.

Blender motor power

What does it provide? The blender has a high motor power that is able to intake 1500 watt. This comes with a commercial 2 HP motor. High motor power is essential for high-performance blenders that has multiple functions along with scope to produce multiple serves at one go. When you need to pulverize the contents of the 70oz volume, you will require such a high motor power to manage the blades and high speed.

Do you need it? With a high-performance blender, high motor power is needed. For simply making one or two serves of smoothies, you don’t need more than 1000 watt motor power and there is no point in wasting extra cash on that. But for making the large quantity of smoothies and other items that involves hard elements such as seeds, fruit skins etc. you will need this type of high motor power.

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Blender Capacity

What did it provide? The blender has a high capacity. However, it can be adjusted based on your needs and preference. The blender comes with a 70oz pitcher. This means you can create smoothies of maximum volume 70oz. But for creating 70oz smoothies, the ingredients you put should not be of the same volume. Add somewhat less quantity of ingredients than your required volume. This will help the content of the smoothies from spilling over. The blender also has a 27oz bottle for single serves.

Do you need it? If you need to make more quantity of food items in one go, this blender is the right choice for you. For users, who need portability and needless amount of smoothies or food content, the blender provides a smaller container as well. If you ask us, we see no harm in getting more since the blender is providing both the options. However, if you feel the budget is too high, you can opt for lesser price personal blenders.


What did it provide? The speed of the blender is 30,000 revolutions per minute. This along with the high motor power is good enough to create your favorite items on the menu. You can get the perfect blend of smoothies, milkshakes, and protein shakes through this feature within only few minutes. The feature is also suitable for ice cream, whole juice, frozen ingredients, grind nuts, spices, coffee, mix batters & dough, silky smooth purées and more.

Do you need it? For smoothie blenders, it’s good to have more RPM. That is because lower RPM might not provide the right texture you are looking for. Also, with this speed, you have to worry about timeless. Simply put the ingredients and press the ‘on’ button and you will have your fresh smoothie prepared within minutes. With high-performance blenders, you will need this type of good speed.


What did it provide? The blender has 6 blades made up of stainless steel. The blades are razor sharp assembled together. The blades help in cutting and chopping the food ingredients. Users reviewed that the blades are sharp and of supreme quality to break down all types of hard and soft substances. Be it vegetable skin, hard fruit seeds or simply nut butter or dough, the blades will do the job for you.

Do you need it? Usually, 4 blades are good enough to chop or cut down the ingredients. The extra two blades are an added feature in this blender. 6 is actually the optimum number. More blades than that are actually redundant in this case. For this blender, the motor power, speed, and blades are in perfect alignment to create the right blend and smooth texture for you within minutes.

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Counter space

What did it provide? The blender is of medium size and hence you need a moderate space in your kitchen counter. The blender will fit in small kitchen counter spaces as well unless space is not too cluttered. For large kitchen counters, you have nothing to worry about.

Do you need it? If it was a blender that made only smoothies, we would have recommended going for a smaller personal blender instead of this medium-sized blender. But the blender is a multi-purpose blender and you would be saving a lot of kitchen appliance space simply if you buy this one.


What did it provide? In terms of versatility, we would rate the blender a complete 10 out of 10. The reason is the inbuilt mechanism is suitable to prepare the variety of food items. In terms of functionality, it serves as a smoothie maker, coffee grinder, fondue and soup maker and food processor. In terms of food items, you can create at least hundreds of different recipes through this blender. Ice cream, cookie dough, nut butter, soups, dips, salad dressings, frozen drinks, cocktails, fruit juices, protein shakes, smoothies and so much more can be made from this single blender.

Do you need it? If you need simply smoothies or protein shakes, you can go for a different blender with lesser price. But if you like to experiment with new recipes, this blender is the perfect choice for you. Every day you can try out a different recipe in this blender.


What did it provide? The removal parts of the blender are dishwasher safe. Therefore, you have to worry very less about the cleaning of this blender. The blender also comes with an extra cleaning brush that means you can brush out the outer dirt of the blender quite easily. The cleaning process ideally should take you 30 to seconds. But if you like to handle things with care, you would not need more than 3 to 4 minutes to finish the cleaning.

Do you need it? The cleaning brush is the cherry on the cake if you ask us. Usually, the removal parts in all blenders are now dishwasher safe. The problem happens in brushing out the outer layer to avoid staining. Finding a suitable cloth or brush to clean the outer region is also a hectic task. With this blender, you don’t even have to worry about that. You can easily clean the removable parts on the dishwasher and the best part of the cleaning brush.


What did it provide? The product has variable speed control, pulse feature and soup function. It also has a tamper to move the hard ingredients towards the blades easily. The operational mechanism is designed in such that you can not only create smoothies but can also use the blender as a food processor or coffee grinder. It has high motor power, high RMP and speed along with superior quality blades to support the internal operations well.

Do you need it? For people looking for diversity in food items, this blender is the right choice for you. These operational features are important for grinding, crushing or pulverizing all types of food items. For instance, you cannot make soup in a normal blender unless it has soup functions. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to try out variety in the food menu, this blender will be a good choice for you.

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Ease of use

What did it provide? The blender is quite convenient and easy to use. Its high speed will help you create fresh smoothie within minutes. All you have to do is put in the ingredients and press the on the button. If you feel that the mixture is not being proper, you can use the tamper to move the ingredients to create consistency and smoothness. If you forget any ingredient, you can add them while blending through the special lid. The cleaning is also very easy. They provide you with a brush and so you don’t have to worry about staining as well.

Do you need it? With multi-functional and high-performance blenders, you usually have to keep track of many switches. For this blender, the manual functions are made simpler so that you can easily do things your own way. The tamper and special lid help you manage the blending in your own way if you find something is wrong. We feel this is the easiest to operate when we are talking about high-performance blenders.


What did it provide? The blender comes with a 1-year warranty along with a 30-day guarantee. The durability depends on how you are using the product. If you clean it regularly and don’t use the motor power beyond its capacity, the blender longevity will be much higher. Also, the blender parts are made of superior quality materials that make it durable for a longer period of time.

Do you need it? Durability is a great feature when you are looking for a blender. If your blender does not function properly after a few months or 1 year, you should definitely opt for a different blender. COSORI blender for shakes and smoothies is quite durable due to its materials used an inbuilt feature. You can choose this blender safely without having to worry about durability issues.

Checklist of reviews

Now that you know all the detailed specifications about the product, we provide with a checklist of pros and cons of the product. Pros and cons will help you understand the good aspects of the blender and the drawbacks that it has. You need to decide whether the pros out shadow the cons or vice versa.



  • Scope for creating multiple serves at one go
  • Provides portability with travel bottles
  • Comes with a cleaning brush
  • Has tamper to help in the mixture manually
  • Has a special lid to put in ingredients while blending
  • High motor power, high speed, and superior quality blades
  • Works as a food processor, coffee grinder, smoothie maker and soup maker
  • Easy to operate and clean



  • Price is higher
  • Less automated feature
  • For personal usage, such high motor power is redundant

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Final verdict

If budget is not a problem for you, we recommend that you buy this blender. It will save your money of buying a food processor or coffee grinder. This multi-functionality justifies the high price that it has. The blender is efficient since you can create multiple serves at one go. But if you only need a simple smoothie blender and require one or two cups daily, you can go for a personal blender instead of this blender.

Choosing among the wide variety of options of blenders can be difficult task. Brand COSORI has a professional blender specialized for making great quality shakes and smoothies. The blender has unique features that set it apart from other smoothie making blenders. It will serve as a food processor, coffee grinder and soup maker too alongside a smoothie maker.

COSORI 1500w Blender for Shakes and Smoothies
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