Braun Series 3 3040 Wet and Dry Men’s Shaver

Braun Series 3 3040 Wet and Dry Men’s Shaver

Braun Series 3 3040 Wet and Dry Men’s Shaver

Most of the cases, people love to have electric shavers for its convenience. The shavers are able to provide you the right shave. And you know what- they perform very quickly. You would be unable to have a clean shave with the manual razors. This is the basic difference between the manual razors and electric razors. Besides, the electric razors are able to perform some other specific activities. Some of the improved razors come with cooling features while some others are able to shave under the shower. As a result, your time is saved and you get a cleaner shave.

Maintenance of the electric shavers is another thing that will never make you feel bored. In fact, the traditional shavers need more time to clean and the process is a bit complex. There are no such issues with an electric shaver. The shavers are able to last longer and require fewer maintenance activities. The electric razors are also able to shave the long hairs and sideburns. You are now enabled to do hairdressing at your home. In fact, after a certain time, the importance of electric shavers becomes unavoidable. Reducing the effort of shaving is the key reason that people love the electric shavers. Some of the shavers come with cordless features that are also loveable indeed.

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What are the best features of an electric shaver?

Numbers of electric shavers are available around and you need to select the right one for you. In fact, often people are unable to get the right shaver. They are in trouble while seeking the perfect one for them. There are so many reasons behind the wrong selection. They could not determine which one suits them. And most of the cases, they are charmed by the advertisements. This is a traditional way of selecting a shaver which attracts the users most. But being a bit conscious about the features and their applications, the users could save their time and money. Thus, here are some key features narrowed down for a better understanding.

Know the shaver

Usually, the electric shavers are available in several categories. Among them, the most prominent ones are the foil shaver and the rotary shavers. The performances of the shavers are almost similar and provide a cleaner shave than the ordinary razors. But the basic difference between them is about coming into a close contact with the skin. The foil shavers are able to shave the hairs without getting in close contact with the skin. This type of shaver is suitable for the skins which are sensitive. When a shaver blade comes into a contact with the sensitive skin, the skin feels irritations. As a result, the skin gets bumps or other disorders.

But the foil shaver is different from them. It can have a close shave of the hairs but it does not touch the skin. On the other side, the rotary shavers have some blades that rotate round the face to cut the hairs. In this case, the shaver blades touch the skin. People who have normal skins can use this type of shaver. This type of shavers is able to provide a complete shaving experience. Therefore, this is important to know about the shaver you want to have. If you make the wrong selection, you will have to suffer in the long run as you will not get the right type shave you want.

Trimming option

Generally, the electric shavers do not come with a trimming option. But some of the manufacturers provide this feature. Using a trimmer, the users could meet all of their hairdressing needs. In fact, without a trimmer, you will have to move to the professional hairdressers for the other needs even after shaving at home. The usual electric shavers are unable to shape up the mustache or the sideburns. But the trimmers are able to do that easily. As a result, you will need a trimmer indeed even if you have an electric shaver. But this is really irritating if you are to move out for a second time shave in the same day.

But there are some electric shavers which come with both the feature. You will get a shaver and at the same time, there would be a trimmer. Those are really some good shavers that serve the users perfectly. The trimmers usually appear with a pop-up. They do not cause any irritations while you are shaving with the shaver. Moreover, you can easily get the trimmer as per your needs. Whenever you are to shave, the pop-up mode is there to shape the sideburns or the mustache. Sometimes, you can also remove the unwanted hairs from your neck or body as well.

LED interface

If you really decide to get an electric shaver, you need to check some other features too. The application of LED lights or LCD panels is highly useful for the users. The panel shows about the charging status and other related issues. In fact, the users are not aware of the shaver charge all the time. It may happen that you might forget about placing the shaver for a charge. And in the morning, you find the battery of the shaver is empty. So, what to do? If you had an idea about the charging status, you would not have to face the situation.

The LED panel allows you to check the charge and you can do it whenever you take the shaver to your hand. Simply switch on the shaver and the charge level is displayed on the panel. You can know the latest update of the charging status and accordingly take measures. If the shaver needs charging, you can place it on the charging station. If it does not need any charge, you can keep it using. Many of the electric shavers are not attached to this feature and thus you need to check it manually. This is one of the greatest features of an electric shaver that you should not miss.


The electric shavers run on batteries and the more the applications, the more the battery will be used. So, you actually cannot determine when the charge will be out or when it needs to get charged. There are few electric shavers which are able to meet some emergencies. The manufacturers have added emergency charging options. You can get a charge for a couple of minutes that will meet your emergencies. This is a unique feature for the users of electric shavers. People who are in trouble for the shaver’s charge, they actually know how important it is to have the charge in the right moment.

As a result, the manufacturers of different electric shaver brands have added this feature to the shavers. Whenever you will find that the shaver is out of battery, you can place it on the charging station for some immediate backups. Amid the busy schedules, this is not possible for all the times to place the shaver into charge. Situations might occur that you can forget to have the charge and this is quite natural. But if there is no such emergency charging feature, you will be in a deep trouble. Therefore, before you take the decision to get an electric shaver, make sure it comes with the option of emergency charge.

Corded or cordless?

Some of the shavers come with a cord while the others have the cordless features. When you are using a corded shaver, it points out that you have to use the cord for providing power to the shaver batteries. In fact, there are some hidden issues related to this type of shavers. You need to have a power source inside your bathroom to operate the shaver. Though almost all the bathrooms are connected with power connection, you need to ensure there are power sockets with the connection that will allow you to plug-in the shaver.

On the other side, when you are using a cordless shaver, you are getting some benefits. First of all, you do not need to carry a power cable all the time with you to charge the shaver while shaving. This is a hassle-free mode of shaving for most of the men. They are in love with the shaver for its portability. Whenever you need or wherever you go, you can carry the shaver with you. At the same time, there are some shavers which could be used in both the ways. You can use them with the cord or without the cord. The results are the same. So, when you are trying to have an electric shaver, you have to find out if they have the features attached or not.

Dry or wet?

Wondering what dry and wet are? Well. These are two special features of the electric shavers. Usually, the electric shavers can perform in a dry condition. In this point, you will not need any leather or gel to apply on your face before the shave. Even you can simply shave without applying water on the face to smoothen the beards. This is generally known as the dry shave. Almost all the shavers are made for dry condition application. And this is happening across the world. The users are shaving in a dry condition and this is comfortable indeed for them.

On the other side, you might wonder that there are some waterproof shavers. They will allow you to shave even under a shower. It is time-saving at some points. When you are shaving under the shower, it points out that you are performing several tasks together. You are taking a shave and at the same time, you are shaving. Besides, there are no chances of getting electrocuted when you are on a wet shave. In this present context, many of the shaver brands are producing shavers which contain both the features. You can have both the dry and wet shaving experience.

Ease of cleaning

Cleaning is a great issue for the electric shavers. You can clean them regularly or periodically. The cleaning issue mostly depends on the brands and usage of the shavers. When you will use the shaver regularly, some of the shavers needed to be cleaned. Besides, there are some other electric shavers which do not need such frequent cleaning. To be frank, cleaning requires a certain amount of time for the users. But when you are too much busy with respective works, it truly becomes hard to manage time for cleaning the shaver. Some of the shavers have a bit complex cleaning process.

Considering all the aspects, the manufacturers of electric shavers have brought some changes. Some of the shavers need an immediate cleaning while you can clean the shaver as per your schedule. But keep in mind one thing that before you select the shaver, you have to know about the feature of cleaning. This is convenient if you select the one that comes with a periodic cleaning feature. You need to check it before you make the purchase. In fact, if you are too much busy but bought the one that comes with a frequent cleaning feature, you would be in serious trouble with the cleaning issue.

Availability of accessories

Frequently the users are in trouble regarding the accessories of the shavers. They are unable to find the right accessory or in sometimes, they are pricey than the budget. The manufacturers try to provide some accessories with the shavers in most of the cases. But once the utility of the accessories is done, you need to add some more for a better shaving. This is an important issue that should be considered before the purchase of a shaver. Thereby, you have to gather some information about the shaver accessories. Ensure that the accessories are available everywhere you live in.

Sometimes, the accessories are available but you have to pay a good price for those. In fact, the sellers do not sell them at a cheaper rate. This is really a trouble for the electric shaver users. As a result, they move here and there to get the accessories at a cheaper rate. But they are unable to get the accessories in their desired price. The best idea about getting the accessories is to know about the availability of the accessories. If the accessories are available everywhere, you can decide to get the shaver. As a matter of fact, you do not want to waste your valuable time after seeking the accessories in the local markets.

Why men prefer Braun Electric Shaver, Series 3 ProSkin 3010s Men’s Electric Razor?

A single line is not able to express the necessity of an electric shaver and if it is from Braun, you need to listen to a long story. To make it short, this is one of the most reasonable electric shavers that appear with many features and flexibilities for the users. This shaver provides a clean shave and has a durable lifespan. If you are looking for a suitable one that will fit your budget and serve you for a long time, you can move for this particular shaver. Some of the key features of this shaver are pointed here for your further comprehension.

Foil shaver

This particular Braun product is a foil shaver. This would be a good one for every type of users, especially for the people with a sensitive skin. As it is said before that the foil shavers are the best one for the sensitive skin, you can easily use the shaver even if you have a normal skin type. On the other side, the shaver is able to reach the contour levels of your face as well. As a direct result, you are able to get a cleaner shave with this product.

At the present days, this is truly tough to have a foil shaver from a reputed brand that will make a clean shave. This shaver is able to render you the best experience of your life. Shaving with this foil shaver would be nice indeed. As it comes with foil, you will have no irritations after the shave is complete. Besides, you will also feel comfortable with this piece for its fast cutting mode. Overall, this is a great foil shaver manufactured so far by this globally renowned brand. No matter what type of facial hair you have, the shaver is able to reduce or cut them according to your needs and necessities.

Ergonomic grip

The manufacturer is producing electric shavers for men for a long time. So, it got some ideas about the electric shaver behavior of the users. The manufacturer knows better what to render for the users so that they can have a perfect and comfortable shave. Accordingly, the shaver comes with an ergonomic grip. In fact, if you are unable to hold the shaver with comfort, you would not get the desired shape. Following the logic, the manufacturer has attached a rubber grip with this shaver. The rubber grip permits the users to hold the shaver close to their face as long as they want.

But the most other manufacturers provide a plastic grip. This is not often satisfactory to hold a plastic grip for a long time. There are chances of slip or break if the shaver falls off during the shaving moments. The other important thing is that the shaver handle is comfortable. You will not feel something irritating in your hand like that the users with plastic grip feels. The ergonomic grip has made the shaver more popular among the users across the world.

Wet and Dry Shave

Like the other shaver manufacturers, Braun has attached the dry and wet feature with this shaver. You know, people use the electric shavers not only for comfort. They use it for many other purposes. Saving time and money is two of the basic reasons behind preference of the electric shaver. Whenever you are applying the shaver is a dry condition, you do not need to add any shaving gel or leather on your face. You can glide the shaver on your face without adding any external lubricants. This is a great way to shave and there is no discomfort. Rather, the shaver saves your dollars in the sense that you would not need to spend on leather or gel to have a shave.

On the other part, whenever you are using the shaver is a wet condition, you will get the same experience. The shaving will be smoother. The shaver is made with waterproof properties that will allow you to shave in a wet condition. You can add water or other liquid on your face. Even, you can apply the shaver while taking a shower. Thus, it will save your time. You can apply the saved time for some other productive purposes. In the current context, people pass too many busy times and this is truly not possible for them to spend more than five minutes for a shave. This wet feature is able to render them a good service.

The Trimmer

The shaver comes with a floating trimmer. The trimmer is hidden in the middle of the foils. The application of a trimmer is well known and every man needs it during a shave. The trimmer is able to reduce the mustache and also helps to shape the sideburns. This is not always possible with an electric shaver to complete the have unless you have a trimmer. And if you are to take supports from external sources to trim hairs of your body or hairs of your neck, this is an uncomfortable issue indeed. Considering the matter, the manufacturer has added the trimmer.

But it will not cause any dilemma for the shaver users when they will be shaving. Unless you are using the trimmer mode, it will not appear. And the trimmer is sharp indeed. You can trim even the lowest stubble with efficiency. If you consider the fact, the trimmer is a plus for you.

Sharper blade

The blade attached with this shaver is sharper. They are able to cut almost all types of facial hairs. Besides, you do not need to change the heads on regular basis. This is not a fancy product. It has been made for some rough and tough use. Whenever you need a clean shave, you can have it from this shaver. The blades are super sharp and able to render the best ever service you ever had in your life. Many of the users give this electric shaver a chance to test how it works. And when they know about the sharpness of the blade, they do not leave the brand.

The sharpness of the blade is able to amaze you. The blades are worth the dollars you spend for. You will get some great shaves as long the sharpness stays in the blade. Usually, you need to change the shaver head after at least about six months of use. This is also economic in some points considering the frequent changing of the heads. On the other side, you are having smooth shaves all the time you are applying the shaver. Truly, you will be glad of the performance of the shaver.

Charging time

The shaver takes around less than an hour to get a full charge. Usually, the other brands also have the similar charging time. But you might not get the performance for over 30 to 35 minutes. With a complete charge, this shaver is able to provide you shaving experience for about 45 minutes. If you break down the minutes, you can get a week for shave if you charge it completely.

LED panel

As it is described earlier, the LED panel is really important for an electric shaver. The LED panel on the shaver allows you to check the battery status and take the decision either you will charge it then or charge later. The usefulness of the LED display is wide. There some other issues also attached with the display. You might wonder if the LED panel takes more charge. In reality, the LED panel consumes less charge as you are expecting. There would be no issues with your shaving. You will get every second of the 45 minutes.



  • Battery operated: this shaver comes with a battery operation feature. You need not carry cords to plug-in and shave.
  • Quick charging: when the battery is empty almost, you can charge the shaver with a 5-minute quick charging to shave instantly.
  • Voltage adapter: traveling is easier with the voltage adapter of the shaver. It comes with a voltage adapter to be used in your non-native places.
  • Faster shave: the MicroComb with the shaver gives a faster shave for the users.
  • Durable: the manufacturer produces the top quality product and thus the shaver lasts longer than the other shavers.
  • Sharp blade: the blades of the shaver are sharper and thus you get a long-term durable shave.
  • Accessories: the accessories of the shaver are available everywhere and at a reasonable rate.



  • Foil puncture: the foil of the shaver may get punctured easily and this results in minor cuts.
  • Expensive replacement: the foil head is expensive and this is not advertised.
  • Breaks easily: the shaver parts might break easily if you are not careful while cleaning the parts.

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Final Verdict

The Braun Electric Shaver, Series 3 ProSkin 3010s Men’s Electric Razor is one of the most impressive electric shavers. The shaver is able to save your time and shaving routine. The advanced shaving features are loveable and will glide through your face easily and smoothly. The trimmer in the shaver is able to remove the unwanted hairs that will also comfort you. Since this is a foil shaver, it is able to reduce your skin irritation. Besides, this is able to provide the best possible comfort to the users and they will adore the clean shave. This is a great buy for the men.

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