Aicok Professional Smoothie Blender

Aicok Professional Smoothie Blender

Review on Aicok Professional Smoothie Blender

With blenders, finding mixed reviews online is a common phenomenon. It’s not that the reviews are false; the problem is customers’ needs differ from one another. You might like a personal blender better but for someone personal blenders might be unsuitable. Whenever you are buying a new blender, try to check the detailed specifications of the product. Match the specification with your needs.

For instance, if you see a high motor power, sit back and think whether you actually need high motor power or not. If you are blending hard stems and seeds, you will need high motor power but if you are blending just dips and sauces, you don’t really need high motor power. Aicok Professional Smoothie Blender is a high-performance blender with great features and qualities. In this article, we have tried to provide an honest review of the good and bad qualities of this blender. It is on you to decide whether the good qualities outweigh the bad ones according to your preference.

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Product Overview

The blender comes off with a powerful engine. When we talk about high performance, Aicok Professional blender surely does justice to the term. The motor power, high speed, and versatile blades all together are a great mix for a powerful engine. The design of the blender is remarkable and anybody would love to have it in the kitchen space. We would have given it a five-star review solely based on its design.

The blender has smart program control and strict regulations to safety and precautionary measure. The containers are BPA free and there are stop, overload and reset switches to save you from any accidents occurring. Fortunately, you can get all these features at an affordable rate of $89.99 at Amazon. For a high functional and high-performance blender, the price is actually quite reasonable. If you compare other blenders with similar prices, you will find they lack in a lot of features compared to Aicok Professional blender.

Key features

Innovative program control

One of the key features of this blender is its smart program control. It has two modes (automatic and manual) based on the type of food you are blending. For specific items such as frozen drinks, juice, cocktails and smoothies you can use the automatic mode which has programmed settings to crush ice and frozen items. The manual mode has variable speed controls namely, high, medium and low for creating any type of recipe based on your choice.

Safety Measure Controls

For precautionary safety measures, the blender is designed in a special way. It has a safety switch at the square base that makes sure that the pitcher of the blender is in proper alignment. In case of careless operations, there is a ‘stop’ switch that works as the reset button. For new users, there is also an overload protection in case you put in ingredients more than the blender capacity. The blender comes with a cooling fan that helps it from overheating.

Exclusive Design

The design is quite unique for blenders compared to this price range. The cover of the product is made of piano plastic and metal. The pitcher of the blender is made of Tritan materials and also meets baby food safety standards. The blender will be a great fit for you if you have ample space in your kitchen.

Last updated on March 17, 2019 10:05 pm

Detailed Specifications

Moving on to the detailed specifications of the blender, we have evaluated it based on its quality and how useful they can be for everyday usage.


The blender comes with a 70oz pitcher for creating your smoothies. From this you can clearly guess that the size of the blender is quite big. This size is great for a family usage and you can create at least five mugs of smoothies at a time. For someone who needs food items in bulk quantity, this blender can be a good choice for you.

Why do you think that the size matters? The size of the blender is important because this will impact the volume of ingredients you are mixing. Other than the volume, size matters because you will know whether you can carry it with you or not.

Blender Motor Power

The blender has a motor power of 1400 watts. The high amount of power is suitable to mix and blend large quantity of ingredients. Not just the volume of ingredients, the high motor power is suitable for blending variety of ingredients ranging from frozen drinks to hard vegetables and seeds.

In this price range, usually, it’s usually difficult to find a motor more than 1000 watt. Such a powerful motor is necessary to pulverize the content well. Motor power is extremely important when it comes to managing the speed and powerful blends to pulverize and grind the ingredients.

Blender capacity

Aicok Professional Smoothie blender has a great blender capacity if you ask us. Blender capacity means the highest volume of ingredients you can put into the blender jar without creating a problem for the blender. Usually, that is around 70 to 80 percent of the blender’s pitcher/container’s size. So you can easily put in your desired ingredients of a tentative volume of 55oz maximum.

That is a commendable blender capacity for family usage. If you want to create bulks of smoothies, sauces, frozen drinks etc. the blender capacity is ideal for you. You can create enough smoothies for more than six serves at one go only with this huge blender capacity. The 70oz pitcher is BPA free and safe for everyone’s usage.


When we talk about speed, this blender will give you the greatest speed possible for pulverizing, grinding and crushing the content. To be exact, the revolution per minute of Aicok Professional Smoothie blender is 30,000. This high-speed rotation is good enough to crush all kinds of hard ingredients.

For someone busy and having less time to make food items, we cannot think of any blender better than this. You can have your large volume of smoothies made within seconds of pressing the button. Even with good quantity, the blender is designed to make the process as fast as possible for you.


Aicok Professional smoothie blender has strong blades that come with 3D technology. These blades are suitable to crush all types of content, soft and hard ingredients. You can also customize it through the manual control switches. The manual mode gives you the option of variable speed control. You can set the speed at the high, medium or low range based on the type of mix you are trying to create.

A 3D technology blade with customizable speed options is a great feature for multi-purpose blender. If you like to experiment with new food items, the blender’s inbuilt mechanism will help you throughout the process.

Counter space

The size of the blender is large and that means you need a good space in your kitchen counter to keep that blender. Since it is a multi-purpose blender, you don’t have to keep many kitchen appliances for mixing or blender your food. This single blender will serve as a smoothie blender, food processor, and a juice mixer. Hence, you can save some extra kitchen space with not many kitchen appliances and just by keeping one single Aicok Professional Smoothie Blender.

For someone who has a large kitchen counter, this greatly designed blender is definitely the right choice for you. Also, for someone with small kitchen space, you can consider buying this because of its multi-functionality in terms of food making.

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We have already talked about the versatility of the blender in terms of its features. Just to recap it comes with two features both manual and automated. The blades of the blender are designed in such a way that it can crush all types of edible ingredients. So, it serves as a food mixture, food processor, and smoothie blender at the same time.

You can make frozen drinks, fruit juices, cookie dough, nut butter, sauce, salad dressings, dips, cocktails, protein shakes, milkshakes, smoothie and so much more with this blender. Therefore, you can safely assume that the blender is quite versatile in terms of high functionality and also the diversity of food items in the menu.


The blender is big and thus you have to spend some time in cleaning it. Usually, personal blenders require around two to three minutes only for cleaning. Since the blender is big, you would have to give at least 10-15 minutes of your time to clean it. The removable parts are dishwasher safe but we would recommend that you wash them with hands. The reason is washing with hands will impact the longevity of the blender.

The cleaning may take more time than normal blenders but it’s totally worth your time. You will find it rare to find such great features at this price range.


The operations are same as that of any high-performance blender. The operational features are even better in some aspects if you ask us. It has smart control features. You can use the manual mode for controlling the speed on your own or you can go for the automated mode for some specific food items. The blender has high motor power, great RPM paired with 3D technology blades to pulverize, mix or grind the content well.

There are also special safety switches that will help you from unwanted occurrences. It has reset button for careless operations, overload protection for excess ingredients, cooler fan to help during overheating and a safety switch for better assembly of pitcher. These are all high operational features and give you the liberty to create your smoothies in a safe and convenient way.

Ease of use

When we are talking about ease of use, that matter is subjective. Some people like to deal with high-quality features but some prefer the simplistic approach to using a blender. With high-quality features, you have to know when to use the automated or manual feature. But the good part is, there are plenty of safety switches for reset, overloading, and cooling. That too, you will get the hang of when you are using it regularly.

The blender is quite easy to use when you know about all the right switches. You just need a bit of time to get used to all the high functional features. For someone who prefers just to press one single switch and keep track of one switch only, this blender might not be the right choice for you. With cleaning as well, you have to spare at least ten to fifteen minutes of your day.


The blender comes with a two-year warranty. Other than the complete replacement of the product, the customer service team will help to replace the damaged parts as well. This means that the durability of the blender is quite high. Also with the right care, you can use the blender at least for four to five years minimum.

A tip from us is to clean the product well and regularly. You also need to make sure that the power usage is not beyond the blender’s capacity. Also for the diverse switches, you need to be careful while pressing the right switches.

Flipsides of the product

The product has both great features and some drawbacks as well. To summarize it for you, a list of pros and cons will help you understand better about the overall quality of the product.



  • High functionality: The blender has both manual and automated features. Depending on the type of food item you are preparing, you can use those features.
  • Versatile with food items: You can create a great variety of food items with the blender. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, the blender can help you make a suitable dish for every occasion.
  • Powerful engine: The 1400 watt engine is good enough to maintain a speed of 30,000 RPM for the 3D blades. This means any type of hard or soft ingredients will be crushed smoothly to create the perfect blending texture.
  • Safety measures: It has the option for reset, cooling fan, overload protection and safety switch for pitcher assembly.
  • Good quality design: Piano plaint plastic and metal on the cover makes it a good looking appliance for kitchen use.
  • Family size: The 70oz pitcher is ideal for family consumption and you can create a good volume of drink just at one go.



  • Cleaning: The cleaning process takes more time compared to normal personal blenders.
  • Complex functions: You have to keep track of plenty of switches while using the blender.
  • Lack of portability: The large pitcher size gives you less scope for carrying the pitcher with you.

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Tips on making your blending experience better

When you are creating smoothies, juices or any kind of dishes in this blender, few tips will help you get your food in good quality and taste.

Put the ingredients in order

Putting your food items ingredients in order will help you get the mix better. The thumbs rule is to put the lightest item at first and the heaviest item at last. Start with pouring the liquid at first and then move onto the hard items such as vegetable skin and seeds. For frozen drinks, putting the ice, at last, is the best option.

Chop to smallest pieces

For hard ingredients, it is a good idea to chop down the items into smallest pieces possible to make the task easier and within less possible time. For instance, with round fruits such as apples or mangoes, it’s better to cut them down as the quarter to half for creating the right blend.

Avoid adding too much liquid

Sometimes when you think that your food is stuck in the blender, try not to add more liquid to it. This will hamper the taste of the food you are preparing. What you can do is use the tamper to mix the mood with hands and then start with the blending again.

Blend soap to clean

For easier cleaning of the blender, you can just add some soap and little water inside the blender and blend it for around 30 seconds. You can have the inside of your blender cleaned within a matter of seconds.

Summary of product review

Summary of product review

Feature Attribute Our review
Size Large Good for family usage
Motor power 1400 watt Good
Speed 30,000 RPM Good
Blender capacity High Good
Automated feature For few recipes Good
Blades 3D technology Good
Ease of use Complex Average
Durability More than 3 years Good
Operations Highly functional Good
Cleaning process Takes more time Average
Versatility Highly versatile Good
Counter space Requires more space Average


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Final Verdict

For someone looking for a highly functional and high-performance blender, this is the most affordable blender that you can get. Smart program control and safety measures are something rare to find in a family sized blender and you can find them in Aicok Professional Smoothie blender at a reasonable rate. For someone who likes simplicity in usage, we would still recommend you try this blender out because of its great features and versatility.

Aicok professional smoothie blender is a high performance blender with multi-functional attributes. For the detailed specifications of the blender, we have evaluated it based on its quality and how useful they can be for everyday usage. Check out the article and compare with your other blender choices.

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